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August 31, 2016

8/28/16 lacrosse

WOW, I can't believe that it will be September tomorrow!  I need Summer to slow down a bit. I'm not ready for cold weather, snow, and of course, the end of Summer shooting matches.  

This past weekend was a great one. I spent it in La Crosse for their 600 Yard State Championship.  As always it was a full house, and Sandy and Chris put on another great match.  If you have never shot this match, I highly encourage you to do it next year!  There is always a waiting list, so make sure you register EARLY, and check in frequently with Sandy Pagel to make sure your spot is secured.  Camping is also available on the range for those of you who have campers or tents, which is what Erik and I do.  After Saturday's match there is a Bratwurst cookout. It's a great time for all kids, young and old.  This match definitely has a permanent spot on our calendar.

Korean Bulgogi Tacos with Asian Slaw

I recently posted some pics of my Korean Bulgogi Tacos and Asian Slaw on Facebook and Twitter. Many have asked me for the recipe, so here it is!


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August 24, 2016


Is it just me, or does it seem like our Summer has suddenly been cut short?  It sure seemed like it this past weekend up in St. Francis, where the Minneapolis Rifle Club hosted the 2016 MN State Smallbore Prone Conventional Championship.  The weather was windy, cloudy, and rainy.  Saturday was the worst, rain in the morning, and then more in the afternoon.  Sunday fared better with more sun, but still had a slight chill in the air.  It was a great weekend, though, and it was nice to meet some shooters I hadn't met before. 

We will be camping next weekend in La Crosse for the WI State Mid-Range Prone Championship.  This is a more family friendly match with the Brat & Corn Feed on Saturday and some "interactive" shooting events for everyone.  My favorite, shooting at mortar shells.  Hope to see you there!

Have a Great Week!

8/24/16 MRC

August 17, 2016

This past weekend was kind of busy at my house.  We had the honor of having "Man Boy", aka Morgen Dietrich, stay with us, attended a wedding on Saturday, and went down to North Star Rifle Club on Sunday to get some pistol practice in.  There was also a match going on, so we stayed to watch, as it was a beautiful day for shooting, and it was nice to see some junior shooters out on the range as well...

8/14/16 Red Wing

August 10, 2016

2016 National Rifle & Pistol Matches

Camp Perry, Ohio


It's August and that means it's time for The National Matches!  Every year, shooters from all over the United States and beyond, gather together at Camp Perry, Ohio, for this annual event.  I have been there many times, and it definitely is a sight to behold;  up to 3 thousand shooters with all their gear, ready to showcase their skills and earn the coveted spot of being the "Best of the Best".  It's a chance to reconnect, form new friendships, learn something new, and of course, get some great deals at Commercial Row.  

Two Shooters from Minnesota, Mark Rohmann and Mark Havlik, sent in reports and pictures of their experiences this year.  Be sure to check them out! 


Home Page


The National Matches History

August 9, 2016

MN Primary


This morning I exercised my right to vote, a privilege that all Americans have and should never take for granted.  Make sure you get out today and let your voice be heard!

MN Primary

July 31, 2016

A Sunday Well Spent, Brings a Week of Content


Today was a warm but beautiful day, and instead of vegging in front of the television, Erik and I ventured out of the house and went to The Little Log House - Pioneer Village in Hastings.  One weekend a year it's open to the public, otherwise it's used for weddings, private celebrations, and various showings.  There's so much to see and one afternoon is hardly enough to see everything, so I recommend planning to spend more than a couple of hours there.  From fully-restored historical buildings and old signs to the entire Federal Dam Depot of 1908, there is something of interest for everyone.  It literally is one of the best kept secrets in Minnesota. 

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