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Protect Your 2nd Amendment Rights

Last updated on April 15th, 2018 at 11:21 am


The Second Amendment Has No Exceptions 

The Left is notorious for never letting a tragedy go to waste, especially when it pertains to guns. The recent mass shooting in Orlando has left many people unnerved and looking for answers to a problem that is continually blamed on the NRA, law-abiding citizens, and the "lack" of gun control in the US. What many people fail to realize, admit, or even slightly acknowledge, is that the focus shouldn't be on banning more guns. The fantasy that the world would be a safer place with fewer guns is just not true. Liberals would like you to think that statistics from cities like Chicago, Detroit, New Orleans, and Baltimore prove their case, but they don't. The simple fact is that this type of gun violence is not the result of lawful firearms ownership. The simple fact is that criminals will find a way to get a gun, no matter what the laws are. The simple fact is that when you ban guns, taking them away from law-abiding citizens, crime rates will go up and not down. The simple fact is that the Second Amendment was NEVER intended for hunting purposes, but for protection of self, home and most of all from a tyrannical government. 

History does repeat itself, so unless we pay attention to the signs and hold our elected officials accountable, we will soon find ourselves being controlled by an out of control and overbearing government. Compromising on our right to bear arms, in any form, will only lead to the end of a civilized and free society. Without the Second Amendment, all other rights and freedoms will surely be taken away from us all.

Currently, we have a President who is hell-bent on putting the final feather in his cap, his legacy. While we all mourn and denounce any justification for the mass shooting in Orlando, our President's first reaction wasn't to blame the killer, but to blame the availability of firearms in the US. His first reaction was to again call for a ban on assault rifles. Which, in case anyone needs to be reminded, the AR-15 is NOT an assault rifle, and in fact IS 100% legal to own according to federal laws and considered the same as any other rifle that is legally able to be purchased in the US. With the exception of the weapons ban from 1994 -2004, during which only certain accessories were illegal to use, the AR-15 has always been legal to own. The use of certain terminology has been key, in helping the Left further their cause. Assault Rifle and Semi-automatic are the most preferred, any many don't even know what they really mean.

This week Obama stated that he will do what he needs to do to make American safer from gun violence, and using his pen and phone will definitely be his usual procedure. This statement was released yesterday by the NRA"The NRA has just learned that Senators Schumer, Feinstein and other anti-gun elected officials are going to offer several anti-gun bills and amendments this week in the U.S. Congress, possibly as soon as today!"


I don't need to remind you what's at stake here. Please contact your U.S. Representative and U.S. Senators immediately and let them know you oppose any new gun control measures. You can contact your lawmakers at 202-225-3121

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