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Obituary: Lance Peters

Last updated on January 25th, 2020 at 11:14 am



Obituary: Lance Peters

I began competing in rifle matches in 1974 and shortly thereafter had the great fortune to shoot with and against Lance in numerous rifle matches in and around Minnesota.  I recall watching him shoot 100-shot Smallbore standing matches, often in places like school gyms in Southern Minnesota.  Lance would do something that I've never seen anyone else do, before or since; he would shoot entire 20-shot strings with a scoped free rifle pushing 15 lbs., and never put the gun down.  He just stood there, a box of ammo clipped to his Tenex jacket pocket, methodically shooting one shot at a time, with no rifle rest, no tripod, and taking no breaks for upwards of 20 minutes or more, and he cleaned target after target after target doing this.  To a kid like me, he was Superman, and I will always think of him that way.

I was in awe of his skills for many, many years and still am, but as I got to know him I learned what quiet, and kind, and humble really looked like.  He always had kind words fro his fellow competitors, young and old.  Lance Peters was an inspiring man, on and off the range, and I am honored to have known him.  We all have lost a true friend. 


With sincerest sympathies to all,

Larry Sawyer




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  1. Lance was the reason I eventually got into shooting. Years ago, our paths crossed on occasion at work, and we sometimes had lunch together. He talked about the tournaments he went to around the world, described some of the courses of fire for the various disciples, spoke of his basement, dry firing/ airgun training sessions.. opening up to me a sport I didn’t know existed, and planting a seed that would take a few years before it grew . He was indeed a quiet and humble guy, and it was only through others I learned of his true abilities, and standings as a competitor. It was always my plan to get together with him at the range; sadly that is not to be. I do know he left us while attending to his boat on the river. My condolences to his family, and many friends

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