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MN State Champion Air Rifle Trophy has Resurfaced!

Last updated on April 2nd, 2018 at 09:48 am



MN State Champion Air Rifle Trophy has Resurfaced

After being missing for 42 years, the combined (adult & Jr.), the MN State Champion Air Rifle traveling trophy has resurfaced.  It appears to have been hanging in a shooters basement since 1973.  No, it was not in Lance Peters basement.  The Montgomery Precision Air Rifle tournament started in 1969.  Since the trophy has been found will go back to using it.  I hope to have it on display at the MN Air Rifle Championship on New Year's Eve.

As a side bar, it is hard to believe that air rifle started in the 60's.  Most shooters think of air rifle as being a relatively new sport.

There are many years missing names / years from the trophy and I hope to fill in the gaps.  The plaque has tags for 1969 through 1973, plus I have information for several more years.  If you have any records of MN State Air Rifle Champion's please email me or call me with the information.  I am looking for the winner's name, year won and if you have it the score.


So far I have the following information:
1969 - C. Peterson (tag) 1969 - H. Woltman (tag) 1970 - C. Peterson (tag)
1971 - H. Woltman (tag) 1972 - H Woltman (tag) 1973 - L. Peters (tag)
1978 - L. Peters 1980 - L. Peters 1981 - L. Peters
1983 - L. Peters 1984 - L. Peters 1986 - R. Lund
1988 - L. Peters 1991 - R. Lund 1994 - L. Peters
2008 - E. Quiner, JORC. 2011 - Alex Giesar, JORC.  


Many thanks to Rodney Lund for recovering the trophy.  We were also very lucky that Rod Lund Called Lance Peters to get his records.  Lance gave Rodney his information a couple of days before he passed away.  In several years there may not have been an adult championship but there was a Junior Olympic Championship.  In those years we will use the JORC winner if it is submitted.

So if you won the MN Air Rifle Championship or know someone that has or have an old match bulletin, please send the name, year and score (or bulletin) if available to me.  I will have tags made and placed on the trophy.


George Minerich, MRRA President


Contact Info:
(320) 293-2933


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