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MATCH ALERT: 2018 U.S. 300 Meter National Matches – Minneapolis Rifle Club

Last updated on April 17th, 2020 at 08:45 am

ISU 300 Meter Range | Minneapolis Rifle Club | St. Francis, MN.


Minneapolis Rifle Club Hosting 2018 U.S. 300-Meter National Matches


May 15 - 19, 2018

The Minneapolis Rifle Club will host the 2018 U.S. 300-Meter National Rifle Championship May 15 thru May 19, 2018 at its range in St. Francis, Minnesota.  Matches include, Men'’s International 3-Position, Women's International 3-Position Rifle, 3-Position Standard Rifle, and International Prone Rifle.

Folks have been asking why the Minneapolis Rifle Club is running these matches.  The basic answer is, MRC has been involved in 300-Meter marksmanship since its inception in the 30’s, so it's only natural that we carry on the tradition of 300-Meter rifle competition and give the 300-Meter National Matches a home.  Secondly, there are only two International shooting facilities with 300-Meter electronic scoring in the country.  The first is, the US Army Marksmanship Unit at Fort Benning, and the other is Minneapolis Rifle Club.  Finally, USA Shooting has pulled back support of all International Shooting disciplines that are not Olympic events.  Without the involvement of Minneapolis Rifle Club, 300-Meter may not continue to exist in the U.S in the future.

We also need to be mindful that 300-Meter Rifle is one of the oldest competitive shooting sports, with its roots going back to the first World Shooting Championship Match shot in 1897.  There usually was a U.S. Team.  Over the years, many of the team member were Minneapolis Rifle Club shooters.  300-Meter shooters from Minnesota has given our state worldwide recognition and a reputation of being some of the best shooters anywhere.






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