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Highpower Rifle National Records

Last updated on January 25th, 2020 at 11:04 am


Once again I have been asked to clarify an NRA rule. This question has come up more than once so it’s clear that it’s time for another CAP-N-BOB report.

The question this time is regarding a possible national record in Mid Range Prone. The shooter shot a 600 out of 600 with a good X count in a 3 gun 600 yd match. Upon inspecting the national records on the NRA web site he determined his score should be a new record. However there is no national record kept for a 3 gun or 4 guns 600. Those are individual 20 shot matches that one can establish a record in for 20 shots at 300 or 500 or 600 yards.  And further one can establish a 20 shot record at these yard lines with any sight or metallic sight. 

The 60 shot record in question is for the mid range course which consists of 20 shots each at 300, 500 & 600 yards. It is a 60 shot MATCH with 3 STAGES. There are no records kept for stages in mid range or Palma, only the 60 or 45 shot aggregate. Similarly a leg match consists of 4 STAGES. If one were to shoot a 100-10X offhand in a leg match your name would be heard around the world but it would not be a record. It would merely be a really good start to winning the leg match!

When the 600 yard matches first became popular most programs called for shooting 3 different rifles with 2 kinds of sights. The 3 guns were ANY rifle, MATCH rifle and SERVICE rifle. Most programs called for any rifle once with any sight and once with metallic sights. Eventually many “veteran” shooters complained they didn’t want to shoot service rifle so the clubs gave an option of shooting the 4th with service rifle or match rifle with any sight. With that change there were very few service rifles being used in 600 yard matches unless the shooter shot it in all 4, which some still do. When Mid Range Prone was introduced the rule describing rifles simply says “any suitable prone rifle”. Therefore there is no need to describe what type of rifle in each match in a MRP program. The only thing that should be clarified is what sight is to be used in each match. If a host club wants to promote any particular rifle or cartridge they can list in the program category awards. For example, there can be an award for high Palma rifle if there a specified number of entries. There can be an award for high shooter shooting 30-06, AR15, or high left hand, or high score by a shooter with a pink rifle!





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