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September 6, 2017

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October 14, 2017

Elk River Sportsman’s Club

7th Annual F-Class

Prairie Dog Championship

This event will take place on Saturday, October 14th, 2017 with the first shot headed down range at the Prairie Dogs Targets at 10:00am. Registration starts at 8:30am and runs until 9:30am. This event is open to three categories of shooters. They are F-Open, F-TR shooters, and Other Gun. F-Open and F-TR shooters will follow all F-Class rules in relation to the discipline they chose to shoot. The Other Gun category is open to other guns capable of accurately reaching the target at 200 and 300 yards. They are limited to a max power of 26X on their guns scope. All shooters must follow the Elk River Sportsman’s Club KD Range Rules which are listed on the last page of this program.

The Entry Fee for this event is just $20.00.

CLICK HERE to view the official match program.




By shooter demand, Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club would like to invite you to the “First Annual Gopher Fall 900 Classic”.  Two days of Palma excitement. Food will be provided, thinking taco’s, in honor of someone’s birthday.  PLEASE make sure you call or email so I know about how much food to bring.  – Steve


Date: September 30th – October 1st, 2017

Location: Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club 5180 450th Street Harris, MN 55032

Eligibility: Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club reserves the right to refuse any entry.

Classification: The NRA Classification will be used in all matches.

Rules: The Current NRA High Power Rifle Rules will govern throughout.

Challenges: A fee of $2.00 will be charged for each challenge.

Targets: NRA LR, NRA LR-f for F-Class competitors

Pit Service: Competitors will score and pull targets.

Match Schedule: Saturday September 30, starting at 9am weather and daylight permitting

  • Match 1: 800yds Unlimited sighters 15 shots for record in a time limit of 22 minutes
  • Match 2: 900yds 2 sighters and 15 shots for record in a time limit of 22 minutes
  • Match 3: 1000yds 2 sighters and 15 shots for record in a time limit of 22 minutes
  • Match 4: 2 man team. 2 sighters and 20 shots for record per shooter in a block time of 46 minutes fired at 1000 yds
  • Sunday, October 1
  • Match 5: 800yds unlimited sighters and 15 shots for record in a time limit of 22 minutes
  • Match 6: 900yds 2 sighters and 15 shots for record in a time limit of 22 minutes
  • Match 7: 1000yds 2 sighters and 15 shots for record in a time limit of 22 minutes
  • Match 8: aggregate of matches 1-3 and 5-7

Entry Fee: $25 per day, $45 for Saturday and Sunday , and $5 per team

Range Capacity: 54 competitors

Advance entries with fees are requested in order to expedite the squadding process. All efforts will be made to keep like competitors on the same relays.

CLICK HERE for complete info and sign-up. 



International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF) World Shooting Championships


The ISSF World Championships are held every four years.   The first championship was shot in 1897 at Lyon France.  Modern day events include air rifle and pistol, smallbore rifle, free pistol, shotgun and 300 meter rifle.  The next World Championship is Aug 31, 2018 – Sep 14, 2018.  These matches will be shot at Changwon, South Korea.  USA Shooting will be holding open team tryouts for rifle and pistol this September at Fort Benning Georgia.  The US Team selection Matches at Ft. Benning are scheduled for September 17 – 24, 2017.  

The Minneapolis Rifle Club (MRC)  will be hosting a warm up for the USA Shooting Fall Team Selection 300 meter  Matches.   The MRC 300 Meter range  (electronic targets) will be open for practice for members and nonmembers August 17 thru August 21, 2017.  Range hours will be 0900 through 1530.  A MRC  member will be in attendance at all practices. 

If there is enough interest, we may try to sanction a USA Shooting Match.  

Please see the attached PDF flyer below for complete details. You may also download the flyer to share with any interested party.

George Minerich | Minneapolis Rifle and Revolver Association – President 


Minneapolis Rifle Club 300 Meter Rifle Fort Benning Fall Selection Match Warm Up: 


The Minneapolis Rifle Club (MRC) (St. Francis, MN) will be hosting a warm up for the USA Shooting Fall Selection matches for the World Championship Matches. MRC 300 Meter range will be open for practice August 17 thru August 21, 2017. Range hours will be 0900 through 1530. Range fee for the electronic targets is 10 cents per shot. Nonmembers please note the main gate will be open from 0800 to about 1000 weekdays (longer on the weekend). If there is enough interest, we will try to schedule a USA Shooting Sanctioned Match (3-P & Prone) on August 21. 

MRC will not be providing coaches, shooting equipment or ammunition. If you forget shooting equipment there is a supplier in Minneapolis: 10pt9.com 


To further discuss this event please contact or indicate attendance contact: 

George Minerich 

416 Morgan Drive Foley, MN 56329 

(320) 293-2933 (cell) 



Directions to the Minneapolis Rifle Club Range can be found at: http://mgfc.org/directions.aspx

Range Address: 

Minnetonka Game & Fish Club 

8310 Hill n Dale Drive 

St Francis, MN 55330 

Note: The MRC 300 Meter Range is located on the Minnetonka Game & Fish Club property. 


Lodging: If you are coming in from out of town, the closest City with lodging to the range is Elk River, MN. There are a couple restaurants about 10 minutes from the range for meals in Nowthen, MN. We can also arrange it so you can stay on the club property (contact George above). 


For Your Information – “the Selection Match Schedule” 

2017 USAS Rifle/Pistol Fall Selection, Ft. Benning, GA, September 17 – 24, 2017 

Schedule Website: http://www.usashooting.org/7-events/match-information 

9-20-17 9:00 AM – 300M 3-Positon (Men’s &Women’s) PET 
9-21-17 9:00 AM – 300M 3-Position (men’s and Women’s) 
9-22-17 9:00 AM – 300M 3-Position (Men’s and Women’s) 
9-23-17 8:00 AM – 300M Prone 
9-23-17 10:00AM – 300M Standard 
9-24-17 8:00 AM – 300M Prone 
9-24-17 10:00AM – 300M Standard

CLICK HERE to download the flyer in PDF form. 



U.S National Rifle Team Tryout

On July 15th & 16th, Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club in Harris, MN hosted a greatly anticipated US National Rifle Team Tryout. The USNRT is the developmental program for the US Palma Team, which represents the USA at the World Long Range Championship matches held every 4 years… [read more]




You are cordially invited to join the Palma Alliance.  Founded in 2017, the Palma Alliance is a coalition of US prone shooters who have banded together to make American prone shooting great again.  These brave men and women have sworn a solemn blood oath to shoot only Palma rifles with iron sights and 155-grain bullets for Long Range and Mid Range Prone matches – the way God intended it.  As the 2019 World Long Range Championship approaches, we feel that this strategy will help prepare prone shooters for the unique challenges associated with shooting this platform in international competition.  

Membership in this prestigious club is free, and all members will receive limited edition commemorative “2017 PALMA ALLIANCE” stickers to proudly display on their rifles.  In addition to the free sticker, all Palma Alliance member names will be forever etched in granite on the hallowed walls of Valhalla.  The names of these heroes will ring out through all eternity.  


CLICK HERE for membership info and sign-up.


Erik Rhode                                                                  


2017 Palma Alliance                                                 




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