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July 8-10, 2016: 3 Day Long Range/Long Range F-Class Match (Sling) – Gopher Rifle and Revolver Club – Harris, MN

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Day 1 - Palma® Match

Relay 1 started the day off at 800 yards in overcast conditions, with a varying left-to-right wind. Stacy Tamulinus took the early lead with a clean 150-4x. As relay 2 took the line, the wind dropped and a mist appeared, followed by a steady drizzle. Steve “I can’t see my target” Knutson grabbed the lead, dropping 5. Five 10’s that is, to score 150-10x. The rain continued as relay 3 took their turn. Brian “I’m gonna wait the rain out” Mrnak sat on the sidelines for the first ten minutes, then moved into 2nd place with a 150-8x.

Back at 900, the wind picked up again. It suddenly became a lot easier to hit the 9 ring. Elliott “the Mad Serbian” posted a 149-7x. Added to his 149-6x at 800, he took the lead. Brian Mrnak’s 148-3x left him only 2 x’s behind.

Now back to 1000. Did I mention how easy it was to find the 8 or even 7 ring? Well I should have. One-by-one the early leaders fell back. When the final scores were tallied, Stacy grabbed the Day 1 aggregate with a fine 442-15x. “Steady Bill” Lair crept into 2nd (441-14x) and Elliott wrapped-up the Master class at 439-17x.


Day 2 - Minnesota 1000yd Championship Matches

The Course of Fire changed to three 1000 yd matches, with the high Minnesotan taking home the championship trophy. Shooters brought out their big guns, as the restriction to Palma rifles did not apply. Match 1, the “any sight” match was a walk in the park for Craig “the Menace” Bennis. The only clean of the day (200-11x) put him two points up on Stacy, four up on the Mad Serbian and five on “Philly Dog” Klanderud.

Now the competitors switched to their iron sights for 2 more matches. Brian “Shorty Jacket” Mrnak took the win, with a 198-6x, two points ahead of “the Dog”.

Match three was when it got interesting. With the exception of Stacy’s 197-7x and “Captain Bob” Peasley’s 196-5x, everyone got pretty beat-up by the changing winds.

When the final scores were tallied, Stacy’s 590-22x took the win. Craig Bennis’ strong start gave him 583-25x and the Minnesota State 1000 yd Championship. Close behind was “Philly Dog” Klanderud (580-29x), with the day’s best “x” count.

The Team Championship went to MRRA Gold, aka US Rifle Team-Meade. Steve Knutson & Bill Lair combined for 387-9x to take the honors.

All shooters & volunteers enjoyed a fine pork chop & chicken BBQ, courtesy of Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club.


Day 3 – Minnesota Palma® Championship Match

Sunday started off with overcast skies and the threat of rain. Stacy opened the 800 yd stage with 150-13x, followed closely behind by last year’s winner Steve “Highpower Mini” Clark and Steve “Knut” Knutson at 150-10x.

The skies cleared for 900 yds, but here came the wind. Stacy let one escape, but “mini” Clark, “Knut”, “the Menace” and “Cap’n Bob” kept it clean. That left “Mini” one “x” ahead of “Knut”, with Stacy, “Cap’n Bob” and “the Menace” one point in arrears.

Back to 1000 yds we go. Would “Mini” or “Knut” stay “clean”, or would they let one of the others in the door? As it turned out “I’ll just wait out the rain in my shorty jacket”” Mrnak posted his third 149 of the day, to take the final stage and total 447-20x. When the dust settled, “Knuuuut” held together for 148-6 (448-24x) to add the Minnesota State Palma Championship trophy to his collection. Steve “Semper Fi” Naumann’s 444-24x walked away with the Master Class.


Add up the three days and you get:


Stacy Tamulinas                   1476-62x

Craig Bennis                         1463-59x

Brain Mrnak                         1459-51x



Elliott Zunich                       1431-46x


A few lucky shooters also took home some nice raffle prizes:

500 Sierra Palma bullets  - Pat Sculy

6.5-284 Brass & 100 Berger bullets  - Elliott Zunich

100 Lapua Palma brass  - Phil Klanderud

Laupa .223 brass & 200 Berger bullets  - Lane Halley

$100 Gunstop Gift Certificate  - Rick Sievers

300 Berger 6.5mm hybrid bullets  - Chris Longley


I must give special thanks for John Peters & Steve Naumann, for their invaluable help. Kudos also to Phil Klanderud & Pat Scully. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

See you in 2017!

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