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September 9-10, 2017: 2017 Northern Great Plains Regional Championship – Bismarck/Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association

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Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2017 Northern Great Plains Long Range Regional Championship on September 9 and 10.  This year we had 25 competitors compared to 35 competitors in 2016 – but then we had 24 competitors in 2015 and then up again in 2014 with 34 competitors – so what gives – I guess we’re just going to continue our up and down attendance each year.  Overall, our numbers seem to be good again in the High Power game.  As always, talk with your shooting buddies and get them out to shoot.  There are a couple more events this year including the 2017 North Dakota Mid-Range State Championship on September 23 in Rolla and the Frosty Barrel match in Grand Forks in October – check the match schedule at the end of this bulletin.

Thanks to Bob Cunningham for running the firing line and posting our scores again this year.  Thanks also goes out to Mike Dahl who made our trophies again this year.   Thanks to Alton Nitschke who came out and helped score on Sunday morning.  And finally thanks to the Bismarck/Mandan R&P High Power crew of Bob, Mike, Tom Headrick, Dale Toman, Russ Theurer, Morgen Dietrich and Dave Hintz.  These folks came out many times to help get the range in shape for our summer events – we spent a lot of time fixing the target carriers this spring, then re-facing targets, cleaning the pits and the impact area and, mowing the range, etc., etc.  I really appreciate their help!  It takes a lot of effort before an event to get things ready.  I couldn’t get the match done without all their help – THANKS AGAIN!

We had some respectable weather again this year.  The winds were kind of tough on Saturday – they got a little rough late in the day – the usual south/southeast from 10 – 20mph.  Then Sunday – it was nice – steady from the South – can’t wish for much more than that at this range – we’ll take this stuff any time compared to the crap we usually get – well – I guess I should say……the rather challenging conditions we usually get.

Congratulations to our 2017 Northern Great Plains Regional Match Winners, Tom Thompson (Bismarck).  Tom fired a 981-39x for the Conventional match win.  Our Silver Medalist was Morgen Dietrich with a 963-42x.  First place in the combined Conventional Class was Ryan Holien from Ipswitch, South Dakota, with a 958-26x.

Well, since we didn’t get enough F/TR shooters this year – I had to combine all the F-Class Shooters.  Match winner was Drew Rutherford with a 971-32x.  The silver medal went to Eric Johnson with a 964-27x.  The top Expert/Sharpshooter was Mike Cobert with a 960-27x and Kent Jensen took the Marksman class with a 951-19x.

We had 2 records equaled this year.  Morgen Dietrich fired a 200-14x equaling the 1000 yard, 20 shot string, Any Rifle/Any Sight record also fired by Tom Thompson on 9/12/2009.  Drew Rutherford fired a 200-13x equaling the 1000 yard, 20 shot string, F-Open Class rifle also fired by Brian Suhr on 9/20/2016.  Drew informed me that his clean was only the 3rd F-Class clean score fired at 1000 yards on our range in Bismarck (and as I looked back to last year’s match write-up – he is correct!).  Eric Johnson is on the only other F-Class shooter with a clean score (200-13x) also fired in last year’s Regional event.  We’ve been shooting long-range events at this range since about 2004 – 14 years with 3 clean F-Class scores – kinda says how tough conditions are at this range.

Well – I can’t believe it - the 2017 High Power season is once again coming to an end.  There are a 2 more weekend events on the calendar this year.  First of all – on Friday, September 22 the Turtle Mountain Rifle Club will host an M1 Garand match starting at 10am.  Then at 12 Noon they will have a “Leg” match. This is a new addition to the High Power schedule - so take the day off - get up early - go to Rolla and shoot the Garand match to get your zero’s – then shoot the Leg match. Hell – everything’s gonna be FROZEN in a couple of months anyhow – so you might as well get outside and enjoy some outdoor sports while you still can (unless YOU think shoveling snow at 20 below is a sport….if you do - you need some serious medical treatment).  Then on Saturday, September 23, the Turtle Mountain Rifle Club will host the 2017 North Dakota Mid-Range State Championship.  This will be for Conventional, F-Open and F/TR Classes. Finally, on Sunday, September 24, they will have the annual Bruce Alexander Memorial High Power match (80 shot over-the-course).  Call Andy Johnson as soon as possible to reserve your firing point. Rolla has ONE motel - the Bilmar. So make your reservations soon if you would like to stay in Rolla.  If you have never fired at the David Disrud Range in Rolla, you’ve got to shoot there.  Finally, The Frosty Barrel match (F-Open, F/TR and Conventional) will be held in Grand Forks on October 8. Contact Fred Martinez for details.

The 2018 5-Buckel Overshoe Match will be at our range in Bismarck the weekend of May 5 and 6, 2018 (that would be next year).  I hope to see all of you, and more new shooters on the firing line next year.


Tom Thompson

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