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September 7-8, 2019: Northern Great Plains Long Range High Power Regional Championship – Bismarck/Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association, ND.

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2019 Northern Great Plains Long Range High Power Regional Championship - Bismarck/Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association

Weather at the Moffit range normally leads with wind, then hot, and very rarely, it follows that up with cool and dry.  Mother nature decided to throw us a curve-ball this past weekend.  On Saturday, there definitely was WIND, but it was accompanied with rain and cold.  Bone-chilling 50’s cold…  A group of shooters gathered at the club house to finish assembling the e-target frames to fire the match using ShotMarker targets.  Soon after this bit of work, Match Director Tom Thompson made the correct move to call the 60 shots off for the day and fire 80 shots on Sunday.  I returned home to watch NDSU dominate the Postal Service of UND in a foosball game, take a nap, and eat some wonderful fresh chicken soup with the family for dinner.  Looking at the forecast, Sunday still had a high chance of rain.


Sunday morning arrived with no wind, and cool temps.  The rain had moved through, and while cloud cover was prevalent, it looked like a good day to shoot.  We arrived at the range to setup our 6 electronic targets and began our shooting just a little later than the 9am start.  The poor weather forecast earlier in the week had scared off several of our normal participants, thus attendance was down a bit, but the competition was still top notch.


The day would be two 20 shot any sight matches for the sling shooters, followed by two 20 shot iron sight matches.  F-Class shooters could do the same thing all day.  Away we go!


Relay 1 was called to the line and firing began, after a brief training on the ShotMarker system everyone was hooked up and the match began.  I am really happy with how everyone is adapting to the technology - we started firing at about 9:45am and without infiltration firing completed all matches before 2:45pm.  Removing the pit changes works so well and allows a steady pace throughout the day.  Bob Cunningham called the line and did all the stat work, thanks Bob!  The conditions were a little bumpy, but if you avoided any major angle changes you could get plenty of 10s.  Todd Zaun using a 7RSUAM was high F-Class shooter getting 13X’s…. only a couple of 9’s found their way onto his target.  I was able to get all the points from the sling side, but instead of clicking over and holding off I probably cost myself a couple of X’s to finish with 11.  Ryan Holien took top honors in the combined MA/EX/SS class using his 6.5/284 to a 195-8.  On to match 2, Todd Zaun again kept almost all of his shots in the 10/X rings and took a large lead after a 197-6, with next high on the F-Class side being a 187-1 by Kent Jensen.  Clearly Todd found a condition that worked and took advantage of it.  I claimed the second match with a 196-7, but after the match was completed, I realized that my whole group was ½ minute high.  Had I done a better job of centering my elevation I could have saved a couple high 9’s.  Ryan Karrar shot his scoped Palma gun to hi MA/EX/SS class with a 193-4.  He and Ryan Holien would battle back and forth all day for the aggregate win.


Match three again found Todd Zaun not letting up on the gas pedal - another 197 - this time with 9x’s.  Kent Jensen was just 1 point back, and Wayne Backes and Eric Johnson both had 195’s.  Russ Theuer showed everyone that a scope is not required to shoot a great score - he cleaned match 3 with 6X’s.  I could only manage a 198, as a first shot 8 makes a clean impossible to obtain.  Shouldered that one real good up to 10’oclock…  That would not make a Palma coach real happy…  Ryan Holien claimed the MA/EX/SS class again with a 190-9, nice X count!


The final match was upon us - Todd Zaun shoots his best score of the day (and relatively rare score at Moffit) with a 200-7 to make sure no one could catch him in the aggregate.  Eric Johnson was next high with a 192.  Eric has shot some great aggregates at Moffit the last couple of years, but today Todd made sure that he earned the gold. On the sling side, I was on my way to a really good score when I shot a poor shot at 4 o’clock, I didn’t want to correct off the mid ring 10 because of my call but the next shot was a waterline 9 just out at 3.  A safety click could possibly have got me a clean but I will take the 199-10.  Tom Thompson was next high with a 196-08 using his 6.5/284.  Ryan Karrar shot a dandy 193-4 to finish the day with the match win for MA/EX/SS.


Everyone went down to the pits and assisted putting targets, number boards, benches and everything else away for the season.  No more matches for the Highpower side of the range this year at Moffit.  It really is great when everyone chips in and lends a hand.  I couldn’t believe how quickly everything was put away.


On to awards - Tom Thompson handed out Gold and Silver to both sling and F-Class (there was not enough separate shooters in F and FTR to earn for both categories).  I claimed the Gold for Sling (with possible new state record aggregate) and Russ Theuer the silver.  Todd Zaun (with possible new state aggregate record) the gold and Eric Johnson the silver.  Tom Headrick had reached out to different sponsors such as western powder, Midway USA, Hornady, Krieger, & Capstone (Lapua, VihtaVouri and Berger) to have some excellent door prizes.  Be sure to give them some patronage when you are purchasing in the future.


Rolla will host the Midrange sling and F-Class championship in a couple weeks- Sept 28th, then the Bruce Alexander 80 XTC the following day.  Would be great to see you there, if you have not shot at Rolla, definitely a great range to shoot some big scores on!


Morgen Dietrich

Official Bulletin from Tom Thompson



Attached are the results from the Long Range Regional Championship held in Bismarck this past weekend.


Congrats to all the winners and thanks for coming to our event.


Don't forget to contact Coby Dalgliesh (cc'd in this message) for the Mid-Range State Champ, Vintage, Leg Match and Bruce Alexander High Power Championship matches that will be held in Rolla September 27, 28 and 29.


Thanks for attending our events in Bismarck this year.  Everybody take care this winter and I hope to see you all back for the 5-Buckle matches next Spring.  Its a long Winter in NoDak - but Spring will be back here soon enough - heck - we might even have a Spring......next Spring - and bring a new guy to the sport next year!



Take care,


Tom Thompson


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  1. I checked with the power that be concerning the “State Record” status for this event – (that would be Denny Coulter) – and yes – Morgen and Todd fired state records at the event. Ain’t easy shooting high scores at this range near Moffit, North Dakota…….for some reason…….anyhow – congratulations Morgen and Todd!

    btw – I have a Warner sight for sale or trade……seems the windage screw is plum wore out from 8 to 20 minutes either side of “0” – other than that – the sight seems to work just fine.

    Tom Thompson

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