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September 10-11, 2016: MN Mid-Range Prone State Championship – Northwestern Gun Club – Duluth, MN

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MN Mid-Range Prone State Championship - Northwestern Gun Club

September is easily the nicest month of the year for shooting in the Upper Midwest.  Dry weather, a lack of bugs, and cool temps make for enjoyable days on the range as the Summer and shooting season start winding down for the year.  This last weekend, competitors from Minnesota and Wisconsin came together for the annual 9/11 Mid-Range Prone tournament at the Northwestern Gun Club near Duluth, MN.  This year, the tournament happened to be the MN State Mid-Range Championship.  Saturday brought the two-person team matches and Sunday the individual matches.  This tournament normally produces some fantastically high scores and this year was no exception.

On Saturday, ten two-man teams competed for the Team State Championship.  The day started out with an any/any match followed by an any/irons match at 300 yards.  There were some fantastic scores shot in those matches.  Matt Griffin led the way in the any/any match, shooting a 200-19x for team "Brown Pants".  Jeff Jezierski and Stacy Tamulinas followed not far behind, each shooting 200-16x for teams "No Chance" and "Short Pants".  In the any/irons match at 300 yard, Mr. Griffin again kept his cool and put up a 200-14x but this time he had to share the glory with Erik "Taco" Rhode who also shot the same score.  At the yard line change, Steve "Knut" Knutson and Erik Rhode for team "Simon's Revenge!" had the lead with 800-56x, but Mark "Rule-Book" Rohmann and Phil "Kadidlehopper" Klanderud’s team "MRC Gold" was nippin' at their heals, just a single point behind.  At the 500 yard line, the brown pants wearing Griffin AGAIN went clean in both 500 yard matches.  Would Matt’s perfect 800 for the day be enough to allow him and myself to usurp two teams of some of the best prone shooters in the state  Sometimes, being thick-headed catches up with a guy.  I managed to turn my sights the wrong way while putting on my 500 yard zero for the anyiron 500 yard match.  My first sighter was a miss and my first shot for record was a fateful 8...


Team Simon's Revenge! = 1595 & State Champions!

Team Brown Pants = 1594 & 2nd Place (no surprise with a name like that)

Team MRC Gold = 1593 & 3rd Place


The individual matches on Sunday went much the same way, with multiple cleans being shot in three of the four matches.  Steve Knutson managed the second 200-19x for the weekend in the 300 yard any/any match.  I believe that score in an individual match ties a national record.  Unclassified Jeff Jezierski shot his second 200-16x of the weekend in the same match.  With irons on, Steve Knutson again led the way with a 200-14x and Matt Griffin followed with a 200-13x. Back at 500, the iron sight match was won by Phil K shooting the only clean, a 200-8x.  Brian “Short Pants” Mrnak took 2nd with a 199-13x.  The any/any match at 500 was won by Matt Griffin, with a Creedmoore over Erik Rhode. Both shot 200-12x.  When the scores were tallied, it was to no surprise, the seasoned prone shooting extraordinaire Steve Knutson took home the MN State Mid-Range Trophy by shooting a 798-52x.  Matt Griffin, shooting a 796-46x, took second place, and Phil Klanderud made third with a 796-36x.

A big thanks to Bob Woods for running the matches and calling the line.  Also to Jim Fernandez for leading up the High Power side of things at Northwestern Gun Club and to all the members of the club that keep the ranges and facilities in great shape.

Next weekend you all better be ready to stand up and shoot like a…?  Well, we’ll find out wont we! It’s the 1000 point OTC on Saturday and the seemingly dreaded 1000 point Standing match on Sunday at MRC.


Hope to see you at the most fun and challenging match of the year!

Brad Yliniemi





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