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October 22-23, 2016: Kansas Mid-Range Championship – Central Kansas Gun Club – Hutchinson, KS

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Kansas Mid-Range Championship - Central Kansas Gun Club

Phil Klanderud and I missed our end of season trip to the Bucksnort Mid-Range in Missouri.  Instead we traveled to Central Kansas Gun Club for the KS Mid-Range Championship.  Steve and Shirley McGee recommended it at last year's Bucksnort Match.

Saturday we were treated to mid 70's and mild winds.  The range faces straight East, so we waited until about 9:15 am to start.  Once Phil got started, there was no stopping him!  After cleaning both scope matches, he dropped a total of 2 in the two Iron Sight Matches., and his 798-43x was one point better than KS Champion, Steve McGee.  High Service Rifle went to Greg Krebaum's 781-28x.  Afterwards, the entire crew met for a tasty steak dinner.

Sunday was a two-man, 40 shot team match.  Once again, Phil Klanderud went clean with his scope and dropped 3 with irons.  Must have been the great coaching...  In the end, the Minnesota Rifle and Revolver Association (MRRA) Team finished in 2nd Place.  All in all, it was a well run match and a good time with a bunch of great shooters.


Thanks to Match Director, John Heger, for putting on a great match!  

I would definitely recommend everyone make the trek to Central Kansas Gun Club and shoot this match. 


10/23/16 - Central Kansas Gun Club

Left to right:  Phil Klanderud,  Steve McGee,  Greg Krebaum


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