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October 1-2, 2016: MN Mid-Range Regional Championship – Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club – Harris, MN

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Left to Right: Larry Weidell,  Steve Clark,  Erik Rhode,  Steve Knutson,  Jay Johnson,  Kevin Walker



MN Mid-Range Regional Championship - Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club

Well if you could have picked any better weather for a two day match, you’d have a hard time selling it to me!  For a fall weekend in October, you all know it can go really good or really bad. This past weekend was fantastic, with blue skies and 70 degree temps.


Day 1:

Saturday morning started out a little foggy, so we had to delay the start of the match for a half hour or so but no one was going anywhere.  The first day course of fire was a 4- gun Any/Iron format.  When we finally got started, it was still a little foggy but that just made it a little more challenging,,, for some.  In the first match of the day there where 5 cleans shot, with Erik (birthday boy) Rhode leading the way with a 200-13x in the lead and Jay Johnson close behind with the same score.  By the time the second match was underway, the fog was gone and bright skies made the targets just glow.  Erik continued to lead the way with a 200-14x, and this time Stacey was close behind with a 200-10x.  Theirs were the only 2 cleans shot in this match as the wind started to get a little sneaky.  In match 3 there were also 2 cleans shot and you guessed it, Erik shot another great 200-14x, with Bob Peasley shooting a great 200-10x.  Then to close out the day with light switchy winds, 5 cleans were shot with Eric again taking the match with a 200-13x, and I finally pulled one out with a 200-12x for second place.  For those of you who a math challenged Erik fired a fantastic 800-54x for the day to take the lead.


Day 1 Leader Board:

Erik Rhode:  800-54X

Stacey Tamulinas:  797-46X

Randy Gregory:  794-39X

Steve Knutson:  794-37X

Steve Clark:  793-46X


Master Class Leader Board:

Jeff Jezierski:  793-38X

Kevin Walker:  790-36X

Bruce Rawlings:  783-34X


Expert Class Leader Board:

Larry Weidell:  718-12X



After the match, a bunch of use went into town for a great meal, and a few great stories were also told by all at the Pizza Pub in North Branch.


Day 2:

The weather was perfect again with no need for a fog delay.  For this day, the course of fire was a 3-gun Any/Any format.  With scopes mounted and at the ready it would make it a big uphill challenge to make up any ground lost on day one but we all came to do our best and have fun on the shooting range with great friends.

In match one there were only 3 cleans shot with myself pulling out a 200-17x and Erik close behind with a 200-14x.  In match two the winds were getting a little more tricky, but 5 cleans were shot with Stacey shooting a great 200-13x and Erik just behind with a 200-13x also.  Now for the final match of the day and weekend everyone felt the pressure,,, almost all of us!  Only 2 cleans were fired in the ever challenging switching winds with myself leading the way with a 200-15x and Phill Klanderud with a 200-7x.


Day 2 - Any Sight Leader Board:

Steve Knutson:  599-48X

Erik Rhode:  599-37X

Steve Clark:  599-30X

Jay Johnson:  587-27X


Master Class Leader Board:

Kevin Walker:  596-31X

Jeff Jezierski:  591-29X

Bruce Rawlings:  585-15X


Expert Class Leader Board:

Larry Weidell:  546-7X


When all the smoke cleared the 2 day medal leader board read as following;

1st Place:  Erik Rhode 1399-91X

2nd Place:  Steve Knutson 1393-85X

3rd Place:  Steve Clark 1392-76X


High Master Class:  Jay Johnson 1390-64X

Master Class:  Kevin Walker 1386-67X

Expert Class:  Larry Weidell 1264-19X


It was great to see everyone at the match and it was great to share drinks and great food with great friends!  Until next year, start those new gun projects early!


THANK YOU George Minerich and Steve Naumann for running such a great match, and to Jaleigh Naumann for taking care of stats!

Right to Left: Bill Lair, Todd Underdahl, Phil Klanderud, George Minerich

Ready at the Firing Line

Jay Johnson & Stacey Tamulinas

Left to Right: Kurt Borlaug, Jim Evenson, Stacey Tamulinas, Randy Gregory, Larry Weidell, Bill Lair

Steve Knutson & Kevin Dooner

Jay Johnson coaching new shooter Nick Carlberg

Steve Clark

Erik Rhode

Jaleigh Naumann - Thanks for recording the stats!

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