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June 14-16, 2019: Minnesota 3 Day OTC Regional – Northwestern Gun Club – Duluth, MN.


Minnesota 3 Day OTC Regional Championship - Northwestern Gun Club

This past weekend, June 14-16, 2019, 19 shooters competed in the 2019 OTC Regional Championship at the Northwestern Gun Club located north of Duluth, MN on Hunter Lake.  Shooters competed and challenged not only the OTC range but, Mother Nature, too.  With rain and thunder storms forecasted for Friday and Sunday, Lake Superior helped us out by diverging the storms to the north and south of us all weekend. (The NWGC range faces ENE.)


Friday began with the threat of rain that never happened.  Winds were from the NE off of Lake Superior that was pretty consistent for the most part all weekend.  Friday was a practice day for the three day competition.  High gun for the day was NWGC shooter Dick VanValkenberg with a 786-22X.  First HM was Brian Melville shooting a 783-30X, followed by 14 year old Thomas Kirsten, shooting a service rifle, with a 778-22X.


Saturday began with a welcome sun, and basically the same NE wind.  The match winner was Brian Melville, who dropped 7 points OH and cleaned the 200 RS, 300 RP and 500 SP for a 793-36X.  Behind him was another 14 year old, shooting a service rifle, Thomas McGowan, with a 784-19X!  In the MA class, it was again Tom Kirsten with a 781-19X, followed by James Melville’s 775-16X.


Sunday began with dark looming clouds and 44 degree temperature.  It did warm up to 54 by the end of the tournament.  Same wind, a little stronger still out of the NE switching to ESE at times.  Local NWGC shooter Jeff Jezierski was high gun with a 792-33X, followed be another NWGC shooter, Dick VanValkenberg with a 787-35X.  Master class was won by again 14 year old Thomas Kirsten shooting a 780-19X followed by Ray Tolliver’s 773-24X.


Regional Champion for the weekend is Brian Melville who shot consistently all weekend with a 1579-63X for the GOLD.  SILVER will go to Jeff Jezierski for his 1574-43X.  BRONZE goes to Dick VanValkenberg for his 1569-65X.


Master class winner is Thomas Kirsten shooting a 1561-38X, followed by James Melville’s 1547-37X and my 1533-49X.  Jeff J. was the High Senior and I was the High Grand Senior.


A big thank you to all that helped make this a most enjoyable match.  The grounds, (as per usual) looked like a golf course with the help of Jeff. J., Steve Billmeier and, Jim Fernandez.  Thank you to Dave Salo, Dale Wickstrom, and Bob Lundberg for doing the stat work.  And, to Steve Billmeier for running the line.  Oh, we need to thank Jim Fernandez’s wife Virginia for providing us with her delicious bean hot dish to go along with the polish sausage lunch Saturday afternoon.  We hope that all of the out of the area shooters from Eau Claire, Green Bay, the Twin Cities, North Dakota and WABASSO, MN.  Enjoyed shooting at the NWGC and hope that they will return to shoot here again.  Where the hell is Wabasso, MN?!!


Seeing young shooters competing with those of us with grey hair was a welcome sight.  The McGowan’s, the Melville’s, the Zollner’s, Ryan Karrar, and Ray Tolliver (no hair).  It would be nice to see some of the MN shooters that shot OTC in the past, that have now become belly shooters, try their hand again at OTC.



Respectfully submitted,

Elliot Zunich


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