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September 29-30, 2018: Mid-Range Prone/OTC – Eau Claire National Rifle Club – Eau Claire, WI.




Mid-Range Prone & OTC Match - Eau Claire National Rifle Club

Party Marty here, reporting about the September 29th and 30th Mid-Range/OTC Match at the Eau Claire National Rifle Club in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  This is a mixed match.  Saturday is a mid-range prone match drawing a good mix of Sling and F-Class shooters.  Sunday is OTC and generally about half the shooters shoot both days.

Starting to get a little cool here in the mornings and Saturday was no exception.  A brisk 33-34 F on the drive to the range and me wondering if I had my gloves and Palma Alliance stocking hat in the truck (see what I did there…. Erik can order you one too).  After the Safety Briefing, relay 1 takes there place on the line.  This is a competitive Midwest crowd.  Josh “The Hammer” Hanrahan to my left, Captain Bob to my right, Philly Dawg Klanderud, Randy Gregory, and Steve Knutson.  Conditions were very mild this was looking to be a trigger pull contest.  Thinking Randy is the guys to beat today.  He is wrapping up a solid year and added some new hardware to his already impressive collection.  First match has Randy with a 200-16x and Steve “The Knut of Knowledge” Knutson with 200-14x.  F-Class is a battle between Jeff Dick  with a 200-15x, and the Earl “the Pearl” Liebetrau with a 200 -10x.  A total of 7-200s were shot in the first match.  Going to be a battle if the conditions hold.

Match 2 has Knutson with a 200-16x and Elliot Zunich with a 200-15x.  I heard a few interesting stories about Elliot’s new mustache.  They are just stories everyone and don’t need to be repeated.  F-Class Joel Danielson shoots a 200-15x and Jeff Dick with a 200-14x.  Earl decided to spot them a few x's and only shot a 200-12x.  This was part of Earl’s elaborate strategy for the day.

Match 3 and the conditions are still mild.  Party Marty (me) sneaks in with a 200-13x and Josh “The Hammer” with a 200-12x.  Still wonder how I ended up with a name like Party Marty, but it is better than something like “Man-Boy” or anything else that rhymes with Marty!  One beer Marty or 9pm Bedtime Marty would be more appropriate.  Would have been nice to see all of the good targets from the day.  Here is one of mine and I was happy to see the old Obermeyer barrel still holding elevation.





Ok, back to the match and the F-Class shooters.  Kent Weingel pops a 200-17x and Earl unloads with a 200-16x.  Wow!  What else do you say?

Match 4 has the wind picking up.  My incredible wind reading skills are still highly tuned from North Dakota… I am calling it… one click… final answer.  Conditions were mild all day and this match was a real trigger pulling contest.  We were all trying to maximize the x count.  Randy Gregory and Josh both shoot a 200-12x.  I made it to about the 14th or 15th shot before dropping a point for the day.  Still not sure on that one, but it is not my only adventure this year dropping a single point for the day.  Ended the day with Josh at 800-48x, Steve Knutson 799-57x, Party Marty 799-52x, and Randy Gregory 799-48x.

Earl ended up putting on quite the show with an 800-51x, and Jeff Dick with a 799-56x.  Mike McKay gets an honorable mention for a 200-17x.  Well done Earl!  Keep teaching all the young shooters in the F-Class that a few decades of top level shooting can be hard to beat.

Sunday’s OTC is pretty much all Josh, he ended up with a 795-33x.  From the results, it looks like Adam Stauffer and Bryan Melville were able to keep it interesting, but no match for Josh on the 600 yard line.  Josh also claimed the 2018 Wisconsin State Mid-Range title in August.


Marty Gunderson




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  1. Good write up and good shooting, sounds like you kept the party rolling as usual. Just one thing, “The Hammer” might be too cool of a nickname to bestow on someone. Anyone with a nickname like that usually picked it themselves. I mean, we don’t want these young shooters getting a big head so early in their shooting careers, do we? They need proper nicknames that will keep them grounded. I prefer “Lil’ Hanny” for Josh, what do you think?

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