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May 5-6, 2018: 2 Day OTC Match – North Star Rifle Club – Red Wing, MN.

Last updated on May 11th, 2018 at 05:56 am

NRA Approved 2 Day OTC Match - North Star Rifle Club

It’s been a long winter.  This last weekend, at NSRC, it finally felt like spring.  Well, it actually felt more like summer with highs around 80° and a thunderstorm rolling through Saturday evening.  With no leaves on the trees yet to provide shade, soaking up some sun was mandatory.  We had 10 competitors shoot both days and 5 others that shot one day or the other.  For a number of shooters it was the first match of the season.  Knocking off the winter rust is always cause for a few more rifle issues and a few more mental errors but doing it at a smallish match with good company makes the process a bit more enjoyable.  The sun shone on us both days and everyone was in good spirits with plenty punchy commentary going around.

Capt. Bob got wrangled us for a 9 AM start on Saturday.  The winds were light and variable for standing and sitting at 200 yards.  They were just enough to keep one aware of the lulls during standing.  They steadily increased as the day progressed.  At 300 yards, we had a bit more wind.  It was enough that you had to keep an eye on it but not enough to cause big issues.  Multiple good scores were shot at 300.  Back at 600, things got tricky for prone slow fire.  The wind had picked up and was switching.  The lack of mirage made for some of the trickiest 600 yard prone shooting I’ve shot in a while.  Bob Peasley, myself, Crag Bennis, and Jim Fernandez all held our own and we all ended up with 600 yard slow fire scores within 3 points of each other.

Sunday started out very much the same as Saturday with pleasant temps and a light variably breeze.  Conditions were good for the 200 yard stages.  With a breeze building, putting up a good 300 yard rapid fire score required carful wind watching between strings.  Moving back, 600 yard prone slow fire was much the same as the day before.  Again careful flag watching was a must with little visible mirage.  Dave Holtergaurd, with his service rifle, managed a very nice 196-5x for the win at 600.  I asked him how he did it and he claimed it was luck.  I think he was lying.

A big thanks to Bob and the guys from NSRC that volunteered for putting on the match.  They will be holding a 2 day MRP May 26th and 27th.  It will be a 4x600 the 26th and a standard mid-range course (300, 500, & 600) on the 27th.


Brad Ylinemi


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  1. Back-to-back 790’s with 197’s standing? Thanks for reminding me why I don’t shoot OTC anymore – my self-esteem can’t handle it!

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