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May 20-22, 2016: MN Fullbore State Championship – Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club – Harris, MN

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May 20-22, 2016: MN Fullbore State Championship - Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club

Shooters at the 2016 MN Fullbore State Championship matches were teased by switchy fishtailing winds all weekend. They came out of the north on Friday and Saturday, then did a 180º turn to roar out of the South on Sunday. Sunday winds were in the 15mph range all day, with gusts to 30+. Pick-ups and let-offs were sudden and unforgiving. Slight direction changes were worth way more than expected, and several good shooters were punished with off-paper misses at the 1000-yard line. Those who managed to keep all shots on their target were still well-abused. Bill Lair posted the top score of 142 in that match, and I still don’t know how he did it.


Congratulations to all the winners!


Match Winner: Drew Rutherford(non-resident) 853-18x

MN State Champion: Andy Jewison 849-23x

3-day agg winner: Drew Rutherford 1278-30x


Match Winner: Bob Mead(non-resident) 885-33x

MN State Champion: Pat Scully 881-42x

3-day agg winner: Bob Mead 1326-43x




Match Winner & State Champion: Erik Rhode 880-41x

3-day agg winner: Erik Rhode 1324-63x


Erik Rhode


*Erik Rhode’s 150-13x in the 800-yard match on Saturday tied a National Record.  


A BIG THANK YOU to Mark Rohmann for running an excellent match!


THANK YOU to Steve Naumann and John Peters for your contributions in helping to make sure this match was a success!


This weekend's match was a first for me.  Instead of just being a spectator, I was also a stats/score keeper.  It was actually very interesting, and taught me a few new things. Besides learning how to score, I was more aware of how wind reading is so very crucial in knowing when and when not to shoot.  It was also a good opportunity to meet and talk to some of you for the first time.  It's nice to finally be able to place a name with a face.

I want to give a special thanks to Drew Rutherford for staying after the match on Sunday and letting me try out his SEB Joy-pod!  Even though it was a very windy day, I think I did pretty well shooting from 600.  Below is the target I shot on, and the round pasters are mine.  The high ones were my first shots as I got sighted in.  After that, I think my elevation was pretty good. Thank you to Steve for keeping the range open for us, and to Scully for offering to let me shoot your extra rifle.



Once again, I'd like to thank EVERYONE for helping me feel like part of the gang, and I look forward to shooting next to you in the near future... and winning!






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