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May 11-12, 2019: Mother’s Day 600 Yard MRP & F-Class – La Crosse Rifle Club – La Crosse, WI.


Mother's Day 600 Yard Mid-Range Prone & F-Class Match - La Crosse Rifle Club

LaCrosse, WI Mother's Day Match is always a good competitive match.  Heck, this is one of my favorite ranges to shoot at in the Midwest, and all of their matches are well run, with a dedicated group of volunteers.  This is a Party Marty - Junior Report Writing Assistant Intern approved Match! (*Editor's note: this is a casual position, we reserve the option to fire Marty at any time.)  I've been working closely with the staff at LaCrosse to add that to the match programs, but apparently Assistant Interns do not have enough clout.


The LaCrosse range is nestled into the terrain where you shoot uphill into a bluff.  The range has two general conditions; light to no wind, or a light switchy wind.  The wind comes down the hills and crosses the range making speed tricky to estimate.  The mirage can be shielded by the trees and you need to watch where you watch the mirage.  You can generally look at the scores and tell what the conditions were.  This is a low stress and friendly match that is great for new and returning shooters.  Come on out and give it a try.


Saturday was a light switchy wind day.  The winds picked up during the day. Most Palma shooters were running 1 1/2 minutes of wind (maximum) with relatively quick full reversals.  The successful shooters here use a combination of flags and mirage.  They both lie on occasions so you need to watch both when available. First match of the day Morgen (Man Boy) Dietrich, Josh (Hammer Toe) Hanrahan (*Editor's Note, correct nickname for Josh is "Lil' Hanny" - watch yourself Marty...), and Randy Gregory all managed to clean the target to set the tone for the weekend.  Morgen and Randy keep it up for match two.  Mike Shallow, Jay Johnson, and 14-year old Tommy McGowan all add cleans to the mix for Match two.  There is a solid group of shooters still in the hunt.


Match three starts to separate the pack.  Randy Gregory, Jay Johnson, and Steve Clark put up solid 200s with good Xs.  The fourth match was a little rough for everyone, but Morgen, Jay, and Erik Rhode put up 199s.  At the end of the day one, it is Morgen 798, Randy 797, and Jay 796.



The F-Class side was dominated by Bob Mead with a 794.  Bob told me "Mead is a four Letter Word" when I spelled his name wrong one time.  So in typical fashion he is now Bob "Mead is a Four Letter Word".  I completely expect the editors to inject here.  The editors always over-rule my new nick names and sends me nasty notes.  Heck, I am only a "Junior Report Writing Assistant Intern".  What do they expect!  (*Editor's note: I'm going to let this one slide for now.  Bob has previously been known as "The Maestro", but this admittedly goes against the first rule of nicknames...)


Sunday is always a few shooters lighter.  Larry Milbow and Morgen were the only shooters with a 200 in the first match, both cheating with Any Rifles and scopes.  Well done Larry.  I am sure he feels like he is a new shooter with all of the sling and stock adjustments he is making after his dramatic weight loss.  Match two included cleans from Morgen, Steve Clark, Rick Hunt, and Vince Mahoney.


Match three was all Randy Gregory with the only 200.  Match 4 saw Morgen shooting the only 200.  Hammer Toe Hanrahan Lil' Hanny was wishing that he was shooting on Sunday, but he made up some excuse about studying for finals.  Wasn't really buying it... he doesn't need to study.


F-Class side was a back and forth battle between Mac Ahnen and "Mead is a Four Letter Word".  Bob's 795-41X bested Mac's 794-46X.  Bob started off with a pair of 200s and held off the late charge by Mac.



Weekend totals put Morgen on top of the the sling shooters with a 1595-108X, Erik Rhode 1590-91X, and Mike Shallow 1583-77X.  Morgen has humbled us all again with his scoped 6mm - the 1595 was a solid score considering the switchy conditions.  The Palma Alliance is now offering a warm bottle of water and a big piece of pocket lint to anyone beating Morgen with a Palma Rifle at a midrange match this year.  Please see the Palma Alliance President to collect your prize.  (*Editor's note: DON'T see the president for this prize...)


The F-Class side was all Bob Mead with a 1589-85X. Mac Ahnen and Earl Liebetrau ended up with 1569.


Please look for Party Marty - Junior Report Writing Assistant Intern at an approved match near you!  (*Editor's note: if he doesn't get demoted/fired...)





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