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June 9-10, 2018: 2018 North Dakota Long Range State Championship Matches – Sponsored by Bismarck/Mandan Rifle and Pistol Association


2018 North Dakota Long Range State Championship Matches 



FIRED June 9 and 10, 2018 


Thanks to everyone who participated in the 2018 North Dakota Long Range State Championship and Palma matches on June 9 and 10.  We had 21 competitors fire the Registered Palma match (we also had 21 last year) and 21 competitors fire in the State Championship Match (compared to 28 competitors in 2017 and 35 competitors in 2016) – still a good number of competitors this year – but we’ve got to get some of those guys from the past year or 2 back to the line to shoot again. 

Once again, our windy range lived up to its usual standards.  The wind began later in the day on Saturday – and then kinda blew ALL day on Sunday.  Sunday was not real fun – although I do remember NOT seeing a mosquito all day on Sunday – I think they were pretty much grounded.  This wind is always kind of interesting. Some guys can just put up with it – and other guys - it breaks them.  Kohl Klein was ready to pack his gear after the 3rd match – then came back and won Match 4 (in the sling category) – he figured it out.  Coby just kinda rolled with the punches and wound up winning his first ever long range State Championship.  It is not easy shooting in wind like we had on Sunday.  For sling shooters the wind was buffeting the rifle clear off the target.  But if you were patient, careful, just aggressive enough on the trigger (but not too much) and a little lucky – you can shoot in this stuff – err – crap. Also interesting was the calls – or the lack of calls - to the pits to mark targets.  In years past – a 20+ mile-per-hour wind would have caused great chaos on the firing line.  Not so much anymore – the folks from around these parts have pretty much figured out how to get on target even in a 20+mph wind.  This kind of says something for the quality of marksmanship we’re seeing in this little part of the world.  Sure - not great scores were fired (in this gale) – but most folks didn’t have too much problem hitting a 6x6 foot target in their first shot or 2 at 1000 yards in a 20+mph wind – not bad. 

I would like to thank our line officer again this year - Bob Cunningham. Bob did a great job keeping us in line (while running the line) – posting scores and pretty much keeping the rifle rodeo moving along.  As always, I really appreciate the volunteer help from Bob.  Be sure to say thanks to him if you see them at the range (or anywhere). 

Congratulations to our 2018 State Champions – Coby Dalgliesh (Conventional) with a score of 736-13x, Kent Jensen (F-Open Class) with a 747-15x (I think this was also Kent’s first State Championship) and Drew Rutherford (F-Target Rifle) firing a 741-19x.  On Saturday, Morgen Dietrich won the Registered Palma match (conventional) with a score of 442-25x.  Tim Lockwood won the F-Open class firing a 433-17x and Roger Nelson took the F-Target Rifle class in the Palma match firing a 431-9x. 

And in spite of all this wind this weekend Morgen’s Palma score is a new Sling State record – surpassing Tom Thompson’s score of 442-17 set on June 7, 2014 and Roger Nelson’s Palma score was also a new state record surpassing Dave Rohrich’s score of 428-10x set on June 13, 2015.  So you see – we did have some good shooting (and weather) this weekend. 

Once again, we are in the heart of the High Plains High Power Summer Season.  Prone and F-Class shooting are only a small part of the High Power game.  There are NRA over-the-course events, Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) “Leg” matches and several M1 Garand, Vintage Military, Vintage Sniper and M1 Carbine events.  There are a lot of different High Power events – so get your rifle and shoot some more.  I highly encourage you to join in with some of the other events.  You might as well make the most of the summers in the northern plains. 

If you haven’t already done so – check out the North Dakota Shooting Sports Association’s web site (ndssa.org).  You can go on to the site and register for automatic e-mail updates for all the matches in the State.  There are also range locations on the site so you know how to get to the different ranges around the state.  The 2018 match schedule is also on the site. 

Mark your calendar for our 1000 yard Long Range NRA Regional match that will be held at our range on September 8 and 9.  This will be 5 – 20 shot strings (with unlimited sighters) over 2 days.  Pass the word to your shooting buddies and see if you can get them join us in this event.  However, the next High Power events at our range will be the weekend of August 11 and 12.  We will have our Bismarck/Mandan M1 Garand Club Championship match on August 11.  Any CMP Vintage rifle can be used (or any modern service rifle or any rifle) – however, the Club Championship plaque will go to the competitor firing the M1 Garand Rifle.  The M1 Club Championship is open to ANYONE.  We will also have a Palma match after the M1 Garand Match.  Then on Sunday, August 12, we will have a CMP Excellence-In-Competition match also known as a “Leg” match.  Go to our web site at bmrpa.org for the match programs and details on the course of fire. 


Thanks again and hope to see all of you on the firing line. 

Tom Thompson 



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