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June 26, 2016: CMP Garand|Military Rifle Match – Oakdale Gun Club – Lake Elmo, MN

Last updated on April 15th, 2018 at 11:26 am

Eleven shooters came out for a Sunday evening of competition on June 26, in the CMP Military Rifle Match at Oakdale Gun Club. Six Garands, three M1As, one AR and a Mosin sent 50 rounds downrange in 2 hours to see who'd walk away with bragging rights. After shooting four positions - prone slow, prone rapid, sitting rapid and standing -Tom Schwartz, OGC member, shot a 442-7 with an M1A earning a silver CMP pin. Also earning pins were Barry Olson (silver), Mike Criswell (bronze) and Tom O'Mara (bronze). Full results will post on the MRRA website.

The last CMP match at Oakdale will be Saturday, August 13, 5PM. Cost for OGC members is $7, non-members $10. Let's fill the range for the last match - 20 shooters.  

Come on out!

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