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June 25-26, 2016: MN 3-Position & 4-Position Smallbore Outdoor State Championship

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MN 3-Position & 4-Position Smallbore Outdoor State Championship

June 25, 2016 found the Minneapolis Rifle Club Smallbore range cloudy, rainy and windy! Many Smallbore shooters were on their way to Fort Benning, Georgia to shoot the USA Shooting (International) National Smallbore Matches.  The MN State 3-Position & 4-Position championships were scheduled at shooters request to be before the NRA National Matches as a warm up.

Scheduling matches is never easy.  This year the schedule was complicated by the late announcement of the NRA Smallbore National matches and that they were scheduled a week earlier then normal.  The MN match was pushed up to the only available range date which turned out to be the travel weekend before Benning.  So much for planning!

In the end, five brave souls showed up to shoot the MN 3-Position Championship.  Though limited, it was an interesting group, we had an adult shooter Joseph Martin from Fargo area in North Dakota, a second from Fort Francis, Canada (Jason Jarvis) and three Juniors from our area.  The 3-Position match is shot at 50 meters, on the A-50 International target.  The “X ring is under 0.4 MOA and the 10 ring is about 0.74 MOA.  The full course was fired -- 40 shots for record prone, 40 shots for record standing and 40 shots for record kneeling for 1200 points.  Joseph Martin (ND) was Match Winner shooting 1113- 24X’s.  The MN 3-Postion Champion is Norman Lilyerd of Mora.

Sunday brought the 4-Positon Championship and sunny weather.  It also brought wind, very strong frequently switching wind.  We were down to four shooters as Jason had to return to Canada Saturday Night.  Being traditionalists at the Minneapolis Rifle Club, the Championship Match consisted of the full 4-Position Course; 40 shots for record Prone, Sitting, standing and kneeling plus sighters for a total of 1600 points.  Joseph Martin led the way all day.  Finishing with an outstanding 1585 – 95X. With the wind buffeting Joseph, he managed to shoot a 398-29X standing!  It should be noted that the National Record holder for this course of fire is Olympic Gold Medalist Lones Wigger.  His record was shot on August 14, 1966 with a score of 1587-92X.  Had the wind been a little kinder history could have been made.

Vincent Hirsch, an Intermediate Junior shooter won the MN State 4-Positon Outdoor Championship shooting a 1509- 35X.  Great job Vinny!  Our other two juniors, Ryan Hudson (IJ) and Nathan Engman (Tyro) had a good showing.  This was Ryan’s and Nathan's first 4-Positon match.

Thank you all for taking time to come to this match.  I will make sure it is better scheduled for next season.


Good shooting & best wishes!





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