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June 24-25, 2017: High Power Regional – Forks Rifle Club

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As many remember, last year I shot XTC for the first time in almost 20 years.  In so doing, I was able to claim the Iowa State Championship by sheer luck.  This year I was not planning on shooting much XTC, but my work schedule threw my planned shooting schedule for a loop.

The North Dakota Shooting Sports Association has several different target firearms for lease, and I was able to gain access to an Ar-15 that has a removable carry handle.  Having shot with iron sights last year, I took the plunge and purchased a Vortex scope and mounts to be CMP compliant.  I was able to get zero’s and shoot a couple of practice strings with this rifle.  The trigger is quite good, but I have much work to get the scope positioned correctly (see I am lazy, and do not put enough attention to detail).

After shooting rather poorly at Lacrosse and Lodi, I did not have much for expectations.  Along with that; we were all greeted with the “lovely” ND winds that I am becoming accustomed to. 15 mph to start the day standing, seems normal for this place.

Tommy Thompson was celebrating his sister’s wedding anniversary, and thus missed this event for the first time in over 25 years.  Duane Holein, Russ Theuer, and Coby Dalgliesh would have to fight it out for the regional win.

My standing was pretty rough, but luckily I was able to keep all my shots worth 8 points or higher.  To my surprise, my lowly 181-1X was able to claim the win as the buffeting winds were catching other Match Rifle shooters large 30mm front sights and causing some poorer shots.

On to Sitting, I am yet again terrible and need to find a position.  Garth Weber, nephew of Pat and the late Norm Weber, had it dialed in and scored a 196-4X for the win.  Russ T had an unfortunate late shot that caused a 188-8X, add 10 point and he would have claimed the victory.

To 300 we go, Russ did not let his misfortune affect his mental game.  In the switchy winds he guided his space gun to a solid 198-7X for the match win.  Duane Holien was one point back with a 197-3X.  I have yet to shoot a clean score in any rapid fire match or even single string, the second string of 300 I did manage to throw up a 99, with a single 11 o’clock 9…..oh sooooo close.

Back to 600, the winds were high requiring almost 5 minutes of correction on my 223 but it was fairly constant.  Duane Holien had the wind dialed in and shot a quality score of 198-7, Russ rocked the X ring 10 times but let a couple of shots get away going down 4.  My 194-6 was a decent score for me, especially having back to back 8’s because I still have not mastered shooting a non-adjustable rifle.

The day was over and Duane Holien claimed ANOTHER of his MANY regional wins with a 765-19X.  Somehow, I was able to squeak into second with a 758-12X but had Russ not had a saved round he could very well have claimed the whole match.  Travis Jorgenson- a well-known and successful pistol shooter fired a match rifle to a quality 754-12X.



I am still trying to understand why I voluntarily moved back to a state that is so windy, North Dakota blows but at least it doesn’t suck? I don’t know.



Read the official Match Report HERE.

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