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June 23-24, 2018: Inaugural Infantryman’s Weekend – North Star Rifle Club – Red Wing, MN.



2018 Inaugural Infantryman's Weekend - North Star Rifle Club

June 23 & 24 was the Inaugural Infantryman's weekend at North Star Rifle Club.  The weekend consisted of a 30 shot President's Style Match, 2 Individual Infantry Matches and was capped off Sunday afternoon by an EIC Leg Match.

We started the weekend off Saturday morning with the 30 shot Governor Goofy Eyes Match.  A match named in honor of our illustrious Minnesota Governor Mark "Goofy Eyes" Dayton.  The course of fire was the same as the President's Match at Camp Perry - 10 shots standing followed by 10 shots rapid prone and 10 shots prone at 600 yards.  Because of a fairly light turnout, 10 shooters, we decided to shoot in two relays to keep the weekend moving.  At the end of he match it was a North Star family member, Jim (30 caliber) Schonke, topping all the mouse gun shooters to take top honors.

We re-squadded Saturday afternoon for what I think was Minnesota's first Individual Infantry Match.  I got the idea for this match from the NRA's new Individual Infantry match.  The thought was that this match would be a good warm up for the Service Rifle Team traveling to the Nationals.  I was also hoping it might generate some interest to attract some new shooters.

For those wondering this match has a different course of fire than a traditional High Power Match.  Each shooter starts at 600 yards with 60 rounds of ammunition and fires on a pair of Army Qualification Silhouette targets.  After a 3 minute preparation period, the command "load and be ready!" is given.  Targets will be run up within 10 to 40 seconds and be exposed for a total of 50 seconds.  Shooters can fire as many shots as they can at their assigned targets, but only hits in the black count.  When firing is complete and scores are received, all shooters on the relay move up to the 500 yard line and the process, minus the preparation period, repeats.  If shooters have any ammo left they will move up to the 300 yard line, then 200.  The match is over when the targets go down at 200 yards.  Targets are scored 4 points per hit at 600 yards, 3 points at 500, 2 points at 300 and 1 point at 200.  A bonus is awarded for a minimum of 6 hits per target on any particular yard line.

We had 8 shooters for Saturday's Infantry Match and 2 for Sunday's.  Top dog of the weekend was Todd Underdahl with a score of 173 out of a possible 250.

Sunday the fun continued with another, somewhat abbreviated, Infantry Match, followed by a Excellence in Competition Leg Match.  Turn out was a little disappointing for the Leg Match with only enough Non-Distinguished shooters for one leg.  While the weather was threatening in the late morning we stayed dry and enjoyed partly cloudy skies the rest of the match.  Winds were typical North Star with just enough fishtail to take your shot out of the 10 ring is you weren't paying attention.

Even with the weather, train wreaks were the norm for the day with Todd Underdahl wreaking less than the rest of us to take the Gold Medal and Bronze Leg.  Mark Schoes took the Silver Medal and First Leather and Wisconsin's Rich Boyarski taking the Bronze Medal.

Mark Havlik


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