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June 22-23, 2019: Wisconsin Long Range State Championship – Winnequah Gun Club – Lodi, WI.

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Wisconsin Long Range State Championship (Gillespie Memorial LR State Championship | 1000 Yard Individual LR State Championship) - Winnequah Gun Club

The Wisconsin Long Range State Championship is shot on the weekend directly following Midwest Palma.  This makes for some interesting results.  The current Wisconsin rules do not allow the out of state shooters to win the state trophy.  Anyone can be match winner, but the trophies go to the state residents.  There is generally a good showing of Wisconsin shooters and people remaining from Midwest Palma.


Saturday starts out with a Palma Match.  Bill Meade at 446-21X was the match winner, Oliver Milanovic 445-19X was a close second, with Short Barrel Loose Pants Mrnak as the high Wisconsin resident with a 442-25X.  Conditions were a little challenging for the Palma Match.  These scores are solid!  It took patience and wind reading skills to shoot scores that high.


Sunday is the Any Rifle portion of the match, with most people opting to stay with the Palma rifle.  Palma Alliance oath may be a factor in that decision.  Oliver finished the day at 397-23X, Keith Hoverstad with 396-12X, Ricky Hunt with 395-23X, and Party Marty 395-15X.  Being the high Wisconsin resident provides me with a trophy.


(Intern note: Buy flowers when walking into the house with a trophy!)

Short Barrel Loose Pants Mrnak claims the Wisconsin Palma Trophy and the Wisconsin Match Winner.  Oliver was the overall match winner and really shot well in some interesting Lodi conditions.

Please look for Party Marty - Junior Report Writing Assistant Intern, at approved matches near you.


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