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June 18, 2016: “Man-Boy” Makes Leg Cut in First EIC Match in 20 Years!

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"Man-Boy" Makes Leg Cut in First EIC Match in 20 Years!

On June 18th, former MN Resident Morgen Dietrich took a break from Smallbore and Long Range matches to try his luck at a good old-fashioned Leg match.  With a borrowed rifle, a few boxes of factory ammo, and his pink, white, and blue Smallbore coat, the Man-Boy set out to prove that he is more than just a one trick pony.  24 shooters, including 17 non-distinguished, were on hand at the Des Moines Rifle & Revolver Club to witness what would turn out to be the greatest performance of Morgen's Service Rifle career.  Morgen had shot some EIC matches with an M14 as a Junior, but never quite shot well enough to make the cut.  His score of 460-11x probably had the lowest number of X's he's ever shot in a match, but on this day it was good enough for 2nd non-distinguished, and 6 points towards his DR badge.

I was lucky enough to be there when Morgen got the envelope in the mail from the CMP.

I thought he'd never stop crying!





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  1. I think it’s about time everyone gets to see this softer side of Morgen. He has been a closet tough guy for to long. I am sure he feels great finally coming out of the closet

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