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June 1, 2019: Annual Service Rifle Clinic – Post 435 Gun Club – Webster, MN.



Annual Service Rifle Clinic - Post 435 Gun Club

Post 435 Gun Club hosted their Annual Service Rifle Clinic on Saturday, June 1st.  Lackluster interest until 2 days before the clinic had me seriously considering canceling it.  A last minute flurry, if you can call 4 entries a flurry, was enough to change my mind.  And even though 5 shooters was less interest than I had hoped for, it was enough to make the day worthwhile.  Three of our five participants had some CMP match experience having shot the walk & paste matches held at Oakdale Gun Club.  None had any experience working the target pits, though.


Our day started with a safety briefing, followed by a discussion of range procedures, commands, and what was expected of them.  Lectures were followed by a quick demonstration of proper shooting positions and an explanation of the importance of natural point of aim.  Somewhere in there I also demonstrated the gear we use in High Power - what it's for and how it's used.


Next up we had our students bring their gear up to the line, got them slung in, and had them do some drills to help them find their ever important NPA for each position.  When all were satisfied with their positions, we headed to the pits for a lesson in pit procedures and scoring.


We started the shooting portion of our clinic just after 10:00 and then squadded into 2 relays with scoring being kept in the pits.  Each relay fired the entire 50 Shot CMP Course B before switching.  Our day ended around 3:00 with an invitation to join our merry band of misfits on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and other shooting opportunities around the area.


Overall, I was impressed with our small group.  Everyone shot safely, well, and all ended up earning a CMP Achievement Pin.  In the 13 years I've been running the program here at Post 435, I don't remember ever giving out 5 pins.


The icing on the cake, I think I may have recruited a new member!


Mark Havlik


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