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July 7, 2018: OTC – Eau Claire National Rifle Club – WI.

Last updated on July 10th, 2018 at 12:19 pm

OTC - Eau Claire National Rifle Club

There were 30 shooters with only 2 or 3 shooting match rifle, myself and 1 or 2 others.  The rest was shooting AR15's in preparation for the July 8th EIC match.  The service rifles dominated with at least 1 expert and 1 master shooting 781 & 787 scores.  The highlight of the day was a dandy 9X100 by Aaron Guliuzza from South Dakota on his 2nd 300 RF.  Unfortunately, his first target was a 4X99 and there were a couple of low X 200's.

The whole day was sunny with a 10-12 mph fishtail wind from 6 O'Clock all day.  This caused problems mostly at the 600 yard line with several scores of 195-197 and low X count.  It was also good to see at least 6 or 7 names of OTC shooters I had not before seen anywhere.

For me, it was another attempt to shoot my 22 Nosler Space Gun after function issues early this Summer.  Apparently the gas port on the adjustable gas block was very slightly misaligned causing a lot of short strokes.  I got that solved but still not happy with the trigger for off-hand.  I managed to jerk a miss off-hand and shoot about half the rest in the white.  The dot in my 4X16 Sightron Scope is WAY to big for any precision, so I need to see about a smaller dot.  I only had a 200 yard zero, so I managed to lose 6 at 300 yards partly to uncertain zero and partly to the big dot.

Not having a 600 yard zero it seemed about right to come up 9 minutes from 300 yards.  It turns out 6 minutes is the correct answer shooting the 80 gr Sierra at 3030 FPS.  After the 2nd sighter I was very pleased to note that this load shot solid X-ring elevation but I still managed to lose 5 points with three 9's on either side and an 8 exactly on the waterline out the right.

I have what I think is an early run of Nosler brass and it looks like it is pretty soft.  During sitting RF the primer fell out of round 9 and was jammed between the bolt face and the head of round 10 causing an alibi.  I don't think this was due to a hot load but rather very soft brass that had been fired only twice.  At this point I think I will shelve the 22 Nosler until someone else can start making better brass.


I did not stay for the Sunday EIC match so hopefully someone else will report on that.


CLICK HERE to read the match report for Sunday, July 8th by Josh Hanrahan.

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