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July 16-17, 2016: 1st Annual Iowa State 300 Yard Mid-Range Championship – River City Rifle & Pistol Range – Clear Lake, Iowa

Last updated on November 14th, 2017 at 04:55 pm

July 16-17, 2016: Iowa Match


The range had 3.35 inches of rain the night before the match. The range was a little soggy, but the firing lines and pits were in great shape for the match. It started out overcast with little wind, unusual for the River city Rifle & Pistol Club Range. The rain and wind came for relay 2's second phase. The last relay of the day was shot in some terrible wind, and switchy conditions.

Twelve sling shooters and one F-Class started the day of shooting off with the National Anthem and a cannon shot. Jim Soderstrom of Austin, MN took the lead with a 199-9x any rifle iron sights, one that he would hold until the end of the day. Gabe Stauffer of Iowa, won the next phase with a fine 199-15x any rifle iron sights. Any rifle any sight phase 1 was won by Jim Soderstrom with a 200-8x and the 2nd phase of any rifle any sight was won with a 200-15x by Steve Hays. Jim Soderstrom came away with the overall win with a range record of 796-38x, and Gabe Stauffer the new Iowa State 300 Yard Mid-Range Champion with a close 795-39x.

Omer Hamer of Clarks Grove, MN won the overall last year and now Jim - we need to do something about these Minnesota Shooters showing us how it's done! Russ Stahl of Mason City won the F-Class with a 776-10x. Russ is looking for some competition in F-Class, so we hope to see more F-Classers next year. Steve Hays won combined Marksman and Unclassified with a 774-16x.

I want to thank all the competitors and especially Tony and Randy Ciavarelli (they run a match like they shot in years past - very hard to beat), for all their hard work putting on this match. The father/son combination put in hours of hard work getting ready before and the day of the match.

Hope to see some new faces at next year's match!



July 16-17, 2016: Iowa Match

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