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July 15-16, 2017: Iowa 300 YD MRP Championship

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Iowa 300 YD MRP Championship


The 5th annual Iowa 300 yard MRP championship is history and was won by Shawn "Buy one of my barrels" Breuklander.  Seven shooters attended this gala event and I was one of them!  I decided to skip the $100.00 free pancakes at Forest City airport for this tournament.  For those who have never shot at Mason City they have a nice 12 point range facing almost directly east, maybe pointed 100 deg.  

Omer "I'm to old to shoot" Hamer told me this once again this morning with a straight face.  He then proceeded to shoot a 200X13 winning match 1 with iron sights shooting his Floyd R. Turbo.  I also participated in match 1.  I knew it was going to be a long morning when I couldn't find a sunshade to fit my front sight looking east into the early sun.

Moving on to match 2, Shawn came alive and shot a nice 200X16 with a scoped match rifle.  I participated in match 2 also and the troubles were worse with no sun shade.  In match 3 Mason City's own Steve Hays came alive with a 14X200 and I also participated in this any sight match still shooting my Elisio stocked 243.  I managed a 197X8 with the sun now high in the sky.  Going into match 4 Shawn had a commanding lead of 4 points on Omer "I'm to old to shoot" and Omer had a commanding 9 point lead on me for the much coveted high non resident medal.  On the way to victory for the non resident medal Omer managed to shoot his 19th shot on the target next door with me scoring.  He ended up with a 187 and I quickly calculated I could be high non resident with a 197 to win by 1.  Shooting is not like ping pong where you have to win by 2!  Things were going along nicely till I managed to shoot my 4th 9 on shot number 19 giving me a tie with Omer.  But he got the non resident medal on X's. 

In the combined MKS, EXP & MA class Randy Snook and Steve Hays battled it out all day with Steve finally edging Randy out 776 to 775. 

The guys at Mason City set up a tent on the 300 yard line for shade.  Unfortunately it was of little use till about noon but it was nice for a couple hours.

And finally, I decided early on no matter what, I was going to shoot my new 10 twist Palma bbl with 175 green tip Sierras in match 4.  My load was 44.5 gr of Reloader 17 for about 2680 FPS.  196 is not an impressive score but everything went right on call and held good waterline.  I'm thinking R17 might be worth trying some more with heavier bullets in the 308.




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