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July 14-15, 2018: MN Mid Range F-Class State Championship – Elk River Sportsman’s Club – Elk River, MN.

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2018 Mid Range F-Class Championship

The 2018 Mid Range F-Class Championship was held at the Elk River Sportsman’s Club on July 14th and 15th.  58 Shooters from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa, North and South Dakota, Missouri and Tennessee were in attendance.  Saturday would prove a challenging day with high temps, considerable mirage and rapidly switching winds.

The two-day championship started off with a 1600 point 4 shooter team match with 11 teams competing for the coveted F-Open and F-TR Team Championship titles and trophies.  “Team Cerus” consisting of Brian Bowling, Randy Snook, Joe Meyer and Travis Greer won the F-Open team match with a great score of 1591-85X.  Second place and the 2018 MN F-Open State Champion team “MN X Men” with members Chris Longley, John Rhykus, Rick Sievers and Mike Jones kept thing close with a score of 1585-67.  Third place with a score of 1580-92X went to “Team Big Dick” with a bunch of river jumpers from Wisconsin who know where the X-ring is! Jeff Dick shot scores of 200-15X and 199-16X, Kent Weigel shot a 200-14X, Jim Bauer shot a 200-17X and Bob Loepfe had a scope mount failure during the match that wasn’t found until it was too late.  These guys might have won the match if not for the equipment failure.  On the F-TR side, Team “Bald is Beautiful” with members Ed Higgins, Chip Tiegen, Chuck Laitenen and Scott Olson secured the Team Championship with a score of 1553-48X.

After the team match concluded, a wonderful lunch was served, taking advantage of the culinary skills of Lisa Olson who decided not to shoot the team match, saving her energy for the individual matches after lunch. Lunch concluded and then 2 strings of individual matches started in the heat of the day.  No one, and I mean no one, was able to escape the temps.  Tennessee resident Brian Bowling applied some psychological strategy as well talking about how mild the temps were!  3 F-Open shooters stayed perfect through the 2 individual matches on Saturday with Jeff Dick topping the list with a 400-31X, Joe Meyer with a 400-30X and local boy and defending state champion Chris Longley with a 400-25X. F-TR shooters did well Saturday with sharpshooter no more Jay Johnson topping the list at 395-14X, followed by Chip Tiegen with a 395-11X and in third was Steve Ernst with a 394-14X.  A bunch of shooters were only down a point or two in either discipline so Sunday would be a real competition.

Sunday was another hot day with slightly lower humidity levels.  Winds were still a challenge and most shooters missed at least one change as no one ran clean on Sunday.  Only four shooters dropped one point on Sunday.  Travis Greer from Missouri shot an amazing 599-38X, followed by fellow Show Me State shooter Joe Meyer with a 599-36X.  These guys drove up here together, I think they strategized the whole way!  Third on Sunday was Jeff Dick with a 599-31X and fourth was Lisa Olson, back showing the boys how to do it with a 599-26X after a 3 year break from shooting.  F-TR was a really close battle all day with Sunday totals taken by Steve Ernst with a 592-32X, followed by Roger Nelson with a 591-28X and Chip Tiegen taking third with a 589-22X.

Aggregate scores in the F-Open were Joe Meyer with a 999-66X for match winner, second to Jeff Dick with 999-62X and 2018 MN F-Open Mid Range State Champion is Chris Longley with 998-64X.  Congrats to Chris for winning again this year! F-TR aggregate scores were topped by Steve Ernst, who is the 2018 MN F-TR Mid Range State Champion with a 986-46X, followed closely behind by Chip Tiegen with a 984-33X, and Roger Nelson secured third with a 982-43X.

It was a great match with shooters from all over the country in attendance.  Competition is fierce when one point dropped determines the winner over 100 shots!  The Midwest has some of the best F-Class shooters in the country!


Scott Olson


CLICK HERE to view VIDEO by Mike McKay

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