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July 12-14, 2019: MN Long Range & Long Range F-Class State Championship – Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club – Harris, MN.

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MN Long Range & Long Range F-Class State Championship - Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club

Gopher Rifle & Revolver Club in Harris, Minnesota hosted a long range regional match on July 12-14. This was to establish the Minnesota State Long Range Champions.  My fan club.... Wow, big side note here.  My fan club has really grown.  (Editor’s note: It has not grown, Marty’s mom actually resigned her membership)  We added Robert Churchill as president.  Bob liked my match report so much he became president… really hard to blame him.  Anyone wanting to join the Party Marty Fan Club needs to call Bob.  I would to provide the number, but every time I call him, the number is disconnected.  Must be something with the phone lines there.  Hard to be the fan club president when you keep changing your number... BOB!


The Harris club has been using Shot Marker Targets for their matches this year, and everyone was thankful to be shooting on them for this match.  (I expect Adam to join my fan club for all of the free press).  The temperature and humidity was challenging, and everyone was glad to not have pit duty.


Friday started out with Palma and finished up with a 1000 yard “any" gun match.  The winner or both was yours truly Party Marty with a 647-27x, (447 Palma and 200 at 1k).  The blind squirrel theory applies here.  Steve McGee was right behind me all day 641-29x.  I promised to shoot a few wind 8's later in the weekend, so he eased up and let me win.


Saturday was another story, as the program called for 3x-1000.  Steve McGee shot a 596-31x for the match win, and Steve Naumann was the high MRRA member, so his 595-33x was good enough for the state title.  Paul Cross and Jon Lumberg put on a show in the Master and Expert classes.  Well done gentlemen!  We are watching.


Sunday was a return to the Palma match.  Steve Naumann was top again with a 448-20x, with Randy Gregory a close 2nd at 447-21x.  Steve collected an impressive assortment of state trophies for a solid two day performance.  Someone has been practicing and it shows!


Steve McGee 1680-82x  was top dog for the three day aggregate, and Short Barrel Loose Pants Mrnak was 2nd with a 1678-75x.  Brian has now gone one complete match without his barrel coming loose.  I would have liked to include my self in the 3 day aggregate, but we had some "fan club" business to attend to.  Robert Churchill the restraining order was not funny!  Call me from 100 feet away when Adam joins the fan club!  (Editor’s note: Restraining orders are a serious matter, and need to be respected.  You are playing with fire here, Marty; I will not post bail for you next time...)


I was told the F-Class shooters were there too.  Pat Scully this... Drew Rutherford that (one more person should be mentioned).  The guys who won all the stuff.  Ok really, they were all disqualified again using rule 155.  Sorta hate to do that, some of them are nice people.  This is your classic junior intern mistake, I didn't take a picture of their results and don't want to get yelled at by my editor...  So it never happened!


Note to my editor; my two dollars is in the mail for this match report.  I would have paid in person at the match, but forgot.  (Editor’s note: We have not yet received the match report fee, so we reserve the right to remove it if payment is not made in full.)


THE REAL Editor's note:  I didn't receive final results for this match.  If you have scores, please send them to me and I will add them to the article... THANK YOU!!! - Mia


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