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May 21-22, 2016: Iowa State High Power Rifle Championship – Des Moines Rifle & Revolver Club – Van Meter, IA

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15 Competitors took to the Des Moines Rifle and Revolver firing line last Saturday to vie for match winner. Weather was absolutely beautiful- a very slight breeze, clear blue sky and temperature in the upper 70’s by mid-day. This was a typical 800 agg, two sighters for each match of 20 shots standing and 20 shots sitting rapid fire at 200 yards. 20 shots prone rapid fire at 300 yards ending with 20 additional shots slow fire prone at 600 yards.

From the very beginning, Tim Klauer from IL let us all know what an accomplished Service Rifle shooter he is. He started with a 195 standing, and kept the pedal down the rest of the day! 199-15 sitting, 200 300 rapid and another 195 at 600. His 789-39 was good for the match win and 7 points ahead of Kenny Foster from NE using his scoped 223 match rifle. It truly was one of the nicest weather days I have had on a range in many years.
From a personal note- this was my first XTC since the late 90’s back in ND with a M14 no less.  Erik “Taco” Rhode has been gracious enough to borrow me his unused service gun, (having not shot one round from it since he earned his distinguished badge six years ago). First training session was last Friday at Red Wing, I shot a little bit of everything with no train wrecks. Plenty of practice would be needed for a vast improvement.
I was hoping for a 180 standing, after the first 10 shots I was only down four. Next five go ok with tens and nines, then I lost 5 points in my last three shots with two eights and a nine. Still, having not shot a standing match since smallbore in 2001 I was ahead of my mental goal.  187-6.
I get setup for sitting, having worked on position a little during the week I felt comfortable with my sling length. My zero was only ¼ off from standing, so was able to get pretty centered up. First string 98-3, round group about 80% of the 10 ring with a couple nines. Second string 97-3 (see pic). Not bad, will definitely need some work when coming from standing for EIC but looks like I have potential. Back to 300, tweak the zero in sighters and shoot a round group again 97-1 followed by 97-3. Plenty of time left and prone has been my forte for the last 14 years. Position isn’t perfect, but shows promise.
Back to 600- High 7 for first sighter, correct down for a 10 on second sighter. String went ok with Mirage slightly switching. Had I been shooting my 6BR I could have put up a big score. I need to work to shoot more quickly but my group was pretty decent for vertical, one seven and one eight on opposing sides with some nines led to a 190-5. Again, for such little time on this rifle I am very happy. My 766-21 aggregate is definitely a personal best for me. The other individuals ahead of me in score were all non-residents thus, I claimed the IA State Championship as an unclassified shooter.
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