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February 11, 2017: 10th Annual “Snow Storm of the Century” Mini Palma Match – American Legion Post 435 Gun Club – Elko/New Market, MN

Last updated on February 24th, 2019 at 01:27 pm

On February 11th, American Legion Post 435 Gun Club hosted it's 10th annual "Snow Storm of the Century" Mini Palma Match.  Our match got it's name from the record snow fall we shot the inaugural match in years ago.  The rules are fairly simple, bring any rimfire rifle out and shoot regardless of the weather.  Getting out of the house and having fun in February is the objective, points will be deducted for whining.
Weather this year was the best it's been in a few.  The sunshine when I left my house yielded to overcast skies and a blistering 38 degree temperature.  While blistering is a relative term, that's about 40 degrees warmer than our match last year.  Winds were just strong and variable enough to cost points if you weren't paying attention.
Up for grabs was the coveted and prestigious Post 435 World Champion trophy.  Actually a repurposed "participation" trophy awarded to the son of one of our members for watching his sister's soccer game. (lol)
Nine veteran club members and one new recruit participated.  The match was shot on the official NRA SR-42 Highpower target (300RF reduced to 200 yards).  I was edged out of the World Championship by Dean (Dead Eye) Sturgis, and close behind me was Pat (The Ringer) Garret.
Don't forget to check out my video compilation below.
Mark Havlik
Post 435 CMP El Presidente'
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