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July 15-16, 2017: F-Class Midwest Championship – Elk River Sportsman’s Club

Last updated on March 31st, 2018 at 08:15 am

Editor's Note: This match report was scheduled to post on 7/19/17, but for some reason did not publish.  Thank you Rick Sievers for sending in this report, and I apologize that it didn't get posted on the blog earlier.


Elk River Sportsman's Club was met with very hot and humid temperatures for both days of the F-Class Midwest Championship.  Saturday was 93 degrees with enough wind to mess with you.  Sunday was a bit cooler and a little more breeze.  There were a total of four matches on Saturday and three matches on Sunday. 

Everyone shot well, but Pat Scully stood out with only dropping three points on Saturday and cleaned all three matches on Sunday.  His scores from Sunday's three matches were 200-14X, 200-14X, and 200-14X.  Can't argue with those scores!  

Kevin Caduff and Neil Jensen won F-TR 1st and 2nd Classification Winners respectively, and Chris Longley and Mike McKay won F-Open 1st and 2nd Classification Winners respectively. 

Nightforce Optics, Krieger Barrels Inc., 21st Century Shooting, and Midway USA all sponsored the event with great prizes for the shooters to win during the event ceremony.     


F-Class Midwest Championship Winners

Darrel Seward      F-TR          1322-19X     F-TR Midwest 3rd Place

Chuck Laitinen     F-TR          1368-38X     F-TR Midwest 2nd Place

Steve Ernst           F-TR          1376-52X     F-TR Midwest Champion

Pat Scully              F-Open     1397-87X     F-Open Midwest Champion

Jeff Dick                F-Open     1386-57X     F-Open Midwest 2nd Place

Mike Jones           F-Open     1381-57X     F-Open Midwest 3rd Place 


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