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August 26 – 27, 2017: Second Annual 2 Day EIC Leg Match – North Star Rifle Club

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Aug 26th & 27th was the Second Annual EIC Weekend Spectacular at North Star Rifle Club.  The weather forecast was poor for the weekend which hurt our attendance numbers, but we still managed to award two Legs both days.

Saturday was a rain-soaked soggy day.  It was raining the entire trip from home to the range and I knew we were going to have a hard time getting the match completed.  The rain caused the cancellation of the clinic and warm up match scheduled for the morning before the Leg Match.  Radar weather showed the rain clearing, at least for a time, so we squadded up and started the match around noon.  We had a total of 21 shooters, 4 Distinguished and 17 non-Distinguished.  We were able to complete about half the shooting at 200 yards when the second front hit us and suspended shooting for about an hour.

After the second wave of rain let up we finished shooting our 200 and 300 yard stages around 3:00.  Having completed the 3 stages CMP requires for a match to considered completed it was decision time.  Should we call the match, call it a day and finish up 600 yards Sunday morning or push on and risk another weather front.  The decision to push on was the correct one as the rain held off until we completed firing at 600 yards and were heading home.  Firing at 600 was getting a little tricky though as the fog started rolling in about half way through.

At the end of the day, NSRC’s Jim Schonke was the match winner and recipient of the coveted Gold Medal with 482-10x.  Wisconsin’s Aaron Cobosco was Second earning the Silver Medal and Silver (Heavy) Leg with 478-7x.  I was Third earning The Bronze Medal and my eighth Bronze Leg with a 476-9x.  I should mention that in a fair and just world it would be my eighth Bronze Leg but CMP stopped awarding me Bronze legs at 5 and won’t award me a Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge until I score a heavy Leg.

Sunday’s match started out looking like a carbon copy of Saturday, but the fog and light mist burned off just in time to start shooting at 9:00.  For Sunday we had 23 total shooters with 17 non-Distinguished.  As I had already fired my 5 EIC Matches for the year I ran the match for the others.  The weather stayed overcast most of the day, with varying amounts of light.  The wind stayed calm, equipment dried out and the Riflemen showed up firing some impressive scores.

When the day was over, Riley Stewart a junior shooter from Wisconsin took honors winning the Gold Medal and Silver Leg with an impressive 484-7x.  Wisconsin junior Bryan Melville won the Silver Medal with a 482-17x.  Aaron Cobosco took the Bronze Medal and Bronze Leg with a 482-12x.  It should be noted that Mike Stickle fired a 481-11x which was only good enough for First Leather and 5th overall.




Thank you to everyone who braved the weather to come out and compete.  And a big thank you to Chris Stoops who gave up his weekend to volunteer at the matches. Look for the next Weekend Spectacular Next August.


Mark Havlik | Match Director

EIC Weekend Spectacular 2017 VIDEO

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