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August 24-25, 2019: Wisconsin State 600 Yard MRP – La Crosse Rifle Club – Stoddard, WI.

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Wisconsin State 600 Yard MRP Championship - La Crosse Rifle Club

There was a little smack talk leading up to the recent La Crosse Wisconsin State mid-range match.  (Editor’s note – Not really, Wisconsinites are just overly sensitive…)  This is always an awesome match, and well run.  It is also open to out of state residents and they always show up in full force.  Wisconsin does not allow nonresidents to be state champion (Editor’s note – because they are scared), but they can be the match winner.  Agree or not it is the rule.  It has been the goal over the last few years for out of state shooters to visit this match with the plan of being the match winner for bragging rights.  My fellow group of Wisconsin shooters makes the trip to other states to do the same thing.  So, Prince Taco stirs the pot on Facebook ( we are not advertising for them) calling out WI and proclaiming his new 223. (Editor’s note – no, no, no, this never actually happened.  See screenshot below of the alleged smack talk/cheesehead hate speech below…)

Big side note here... Palma Alliance President shooting a 223.  Legal? Yes, but for someone extolling the virtues of shooting only Palma... Questionable. (Editor’s note – shooting a perfectly legal Palma rifle with 80 grain bullets - a full 10 grains under the limit - is certainly not an advantage in a shooting match.)  A small meeting was held amongst the Wisconsin favorites; we calculated Taco’s ballistics and found him coming up short (not really, but it makes the story better).  Lil’ Hanny, Randy Gregory, Steve Clark and myself Party Marty accepted the challenge (We had Sandy on our side).  Randy and Lil Hanny were both Palma twenty finishers this year and were sure to be strong contenders in this match.


Match one starts out well.  Gotta say, my hold was really steady, (maybe not the sight picture I was looking for) but I thought this could be a good day.  THEN, it all came crashing down on shot 4 when I cross fired. (Editor’s note – that was dumb.)  Four shots in...  Nothing like taking myself out of the hunt.  There is no Party in Party Marty this day.  It did actually get worse, and I would have found the Elmo chair very comforting on this day.  Match 1 has Randy Gregory at 200-15x, at and Jay Johnson at 200-12x.  In match 2 it’s Gabe “Lean Cuisine” Stauffer with a 200-11x, and Taco at 200-10x. In match 3, Taco was clean again at 200-11x, and Scott Liebetrau shot a 200-10x.  Match 4 was Randy Gregory 200-11x and Lil Hanny at 200-11x. Saturday was almost all Erik Rhode with an 800-39x.  Erik shot well with his little mouse gun had us all wondering about switching for at least a few minutes (nope, more made up details).  F-class junior Ben Sebold shot a 200-9x (I believe it was his first), and Jim Bauer in the lead with a 798-57x.


A humorous highlight from Saturday was Erik not being listed as match winner in the results – pretty sure Sandy did that on purpose…

Sunday is a new day, and boy was the weather nice.  Match 6 has Randy Gregory shooting a 200-16x, and Party Marty back in the saddle with a 200-11x.  Jon Lumberg shoots his second clean with a 200-8x.  Congratulations Jon on shooting two cleans and doing it back to back with a Palma Rifle.  Jon gets a special "attaboy", (he’s a special little guy) for switching from F-Class to sling, and doing it in style.  Match 7 has Party Marty and Randy Gregory slugging it out again, both with 200-13x.  Larry Milbow put up a solid 200-11x for 3rd place.  Match 8 has Randy with a 200-14x, and Erik with 200-10x.  Match 9 shows Lil Hanny with 200-12x and Randy at 199-16x.  We were getting a little wet that last string, but it was very pleasant.

So, who has been doing the math in their heads?  Randy Gregory 1595-103x, Taco Boat mouse gun shooter at 1595-74X, Lil Hanny 1592-85x.  Steve Clark 1580-76x the Grand Senior Champion, Brady Westling the Service Rifle Champion, Tommy McGowan the Junior Champion, Mark Schuenke (now known as Mark “Shuenk You Very Much”) Master Class Champion, Jon (just got bumped up to master) Lumberg Expert Class Champion, Jim Lee Sharpshooter, and Robert Burns Marksman.

On the F-Class side, I would like to mention Mary Jo Cieko the F-Class Womens Champion, Ben Sebold the Junior Champion, and the other Sebold winning the F-Open championship.  I did get roughed up a little walking down by the F-Class guys.  It seems that every time I DQ them from a match they get worked up.  I caught this F-Class shooter looking at my truck tires... Was wondering if he was going to let the air out of my tires or something.  Anyone ever heard of this guy?  Bob Mead claims to be the US National Rifle Team coach or something.  Ok maybe that was all in my head (not the coach part).


I gotta say, writing these match reports is quite therapeutic and I enjoy making up and/or distorting the truth like this.  For all of our friends out there reading this report that didn't make it to the match.  We talked, shared our stories, and thought about you and your families.


This was definitely a Party Marty approved match.

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