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August 24-25, 2019: EIC Weekend Spectacular – North Star Rifle Club – Red Wing, MN.

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2019 EIC Weekend Spectacular - North Star Rifle Club

Turnout for the 4th annual EIC Weekend Spectacular was a little disappointing, with only 29 shooters for the weekend.  Saturday’s festivities started out with a zero confirming practice match.  Two relays shot 10 minutes at each yard line. No scores were kept, and no ego’s were harmed in its production.


Squadding for Saturday’s Leg Match started around 11:00 and the match started just before noon.  With cool temperatures and partly cloudy skies the weather for the match was near ideal.  The only drawback was the northerly wind blowing up the Green Spring Valley fueling North Star’s notorious fishtailing winds.


Saturday’s match turned into the Melville show, with the son Bryan besting all others taking home the Gold medal with a 488-12x.  Hot on his heals was father James who took home the Silver Medal and the Bronze Leg with a 485-12.  The Bronze medal and First Leather went to Steve Monroe from Broadhead WI.


With this Bronze Leg, James Melville has earned his Distinguished Rifleman’s Badge.


Congratulations James!


With all the cool kids assembled, Sunday’s Match started promptly at 9:00. The weather was a carbon copy of the previous days including the fishtailing winds.  The match progressed nicely finishing around 1:00.


When the scores were tallied, North Star’s Jim Schonke earned the Gold Medal with a 481-4x.  The Silver Medal went to Bryan Melville shooting a 480-7x. Todd Underdahl, North Star’s diligent range chairman, took home the Bronze medal and Bronze Leg, giving him 12 points toward his DR badge.  Jay Dyrcz from Medford WI was First Leather.

Left to right: Bryan Melville, James Melville, Steve Monroe.

Left to right: Todd Underdahl, Jim Schonke, Bryan Melville.

While Attendance was down from previous years we did host 3 new shooters, including a new father and son team from WI.


Special thanks to our Volunteers, John Anders, Howard Lee, Bernie Liu and Craig Remus.

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