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August 20-21, 2016: MN State Smallbore Prone Conventional Championship – Minneapolis Rifle Club – St. Francis, MN

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Back row (L to R): Steve Knutson, Jon Speck, Ross Ewert, Jim Evenson, Elmer Miller, Erik Rhode, Norman Lilyerd, Eric Hazelton, Stacey Tamulinas. Front Row (L to R): Elizabeth Ewert, Kendall Fussy, Emily Quiner, Vincent Hirsch, Ryan Hudson, Nathan Engman and Larry Sawyer



MN State Smallbore Prone Conventional Championship – Minneapolis Rifle Club

The Minneapolis Rifle Club hosted the MN State Smallbore Prone Conventional Championship on August 21 & 22, 2016.  Nineteen shooters participated in the two-day match.  A Conventional Prone Match requires shooters to shoot 160 rounds for score each day.  With unlimited sighters many shooters shoot 200 plus rounds of ammunition each day for a total of around 400 rounds of ammunition.

A Conventional Prone Tournament is broken into four matches.  First is the 50 yard match where 20 shots are fired at each of two targets for record.  Following that, the Dewar match is shot at 50 yards (20 shots) and 100 yards (20 shots).  Then there is the 100 yard match where two targets are shot with 20 shots each for record.  Finally, there is the 50 meter match with two targets with 20 rounds each.  The first day of the match is shot with metallic sights only, day two is any sight all day.

Day one was rainy and dark, with many squalls coming through making shooting with metallic sights very challenging.  The winds were fairly calm, allowing for the shooting of good groups even with the rain.  Many matches had perfect 400 scores posted with high X count.  At the end of the match, Larry Sawyer was the first day winner dropping only 3 points, 1597-131 X.  Eric Hazelton, a Junior, shot a great score dropping only 6 points for a score of 1594-102X.  A recap of day one shows Larry Sawyer winning the 50 yard match with a 400-37X, and the Dewar with a 400-35.  Erik Rhode won the 100 yard match shooting a 399-25X, andEric Hazelton the 50 meter match with a 400-25X.

On day two, the Any Sight Match brought a beautiful sunny day with calm winds in the morning.  The 50 yard match brought on tough competition.  Larry Sawyer shot a 400 with 40 X’s for a perfect score.  Steve Knutson was right on his heels with a 400 – 39X’s.  In all, 9 shooters shot cleans. Larry’s 400 – 40X afforded him the opportunity to challenge the National Record of 400 – 40X’s plus an additional 165 X’s or a 400 with 205X’s.  After considering the possibility of shooting 9 additional targets and taking about 3 hours more to shoot, Larry decided to wait until the end of the match to decide if he would attempt the record.  The Dewar match went to Steve Knutson with a 400-29X ,with Stacey Tamulinas one X behind Steve).  The wind started to pick up at the end of the Dewar, and it was gusty for the 100 yard match.  Emily Quiner (shooting metallic sights) won the 100 yard match with a great score of 398-21X.  Norman Lilyerd showed his stuff to shoot the only 400 in the 50 meter match ending up with a 400-27X. At the end of the day, Eric Hazelton won the any sight match with an outstanding score of 1595-104X’s!  Note: at the end of the match, Larry decided not to try for the National Record due to the very windy conditions.

When it was all said and done, Larry Sawyer won the title of MN State Champion by shooting a 3190-263X!  Eric Hazelton won the Junior State Champion title with 3189-206X’s.  The Intermediate Junior Trophy was claimed by Norman Lilyerd shooting a 3181-196 X.  Ryan Hudson won the Sub Junior Trophy by shooting a 3141-144X.  A summary of all the scores is found below.

Special mention goes to Stacey Tamulinas (Texas) High Non-Resident Trophy with a score of 3186-215X.  It should also be noted that Jacob Vaagen (North Dakota) Sub Junior shot an outstanding score of 3142-136X.

Special thanks goes out to 10pt9.com who sponsored the match wards.  10pt9contributed over $300.00 in gift certificates and shooting gear for the awards table.  10pt9 is also going to sponsor next year’s awards! Thank you 10pt9.com!!!!!!


Thank you all for attending the 2016 MN Smallbore Prone Championship.  I hope you had as much fun as I did.  I am looking forward to seeing you all at next year’s Championship!


I wish good shooting for all and high X counts!

George Minerich



THANK YOU to all those who helped run this match, and especially to the the score keepers!  You played a major role in making sure things ran smoothly and quickly.  

Thank you also to Chris Hazelton for the super DEELISH meal on Saturday, and to those who brought desserts!  It was greatly appreciated!!!  (If anyone would like to donate your recipes for the website, please email them to me.)




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