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August 12, 2018: 3 – 1000 Yard Matches • Winnequah Gun Club • Lodi, WI.



3 1000 Yard Matches • Winnequah Gun Club

Winnequah Gun Club was up to its usual tricks today.  Seeming light winds from 4 to about 7, but sometimes seeming to switch from 2 to 10.  Did I mention the flags and the mirage rarely matched!  It got worse as the morning went on.  Only two relays, but with hot and humid temperatures of 91 degree and humidity even higher, thankfully shooting finished at about 1:00 PM.  There were no awards but one should have been given for the most weight lost while shooting this match.

Wiley old veteran Randy Gregory bested all the sling shooters dropping only one point each match.  Jim Bauer (another old guy), won the F-open by dropping 1, 2, and 3 points respectively in the 3 matches.  He managed to edge out Randy Snook (3 more x's than Jeff) and Jeff Dick by a point.

There were only three shooters in F-TR; finishing Mudd, Zaffke, and Uhrig in that order.  Mudd took the win by a point over Zaffke, all decided in the 3rd match.

I finally figured out not to shoot when the flags and mirage matched.  It's best to shoot when they were different, and when mirage was coming from the South and flags pointed South.  Not quite as predictable, but when wind flags were pointing North and the mirage seeming from the North, it's easy to get caught out one side or the other.  If something switched while you were on the trigger, an 8 out one side or the other was often the result.


Brian Mudd



Scores from Saturday's 80 Shot Match can be found HERE.

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