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August 12-13, 2017: OTC Regional – North Star Rifle Club

Last updated on November 26th, 2017 at 06:36 am


The 2017 Minnesota NRA regional was hosted by North Star Rifle Club, Aug 12th & 13th near Red Wing, and saw 20 shooters.  Those who went home Sunday without solid no wind zeros should probably take up indoor bowling where wind is not a factor!  Both days saw nearly calm winds with occasional gusts to 3 barely moving the flags.  Saturday morning started off humid, calm and just warm enough to cause some fogging issues on shooting glasses for those on relay 1.  By the time relays 2 & 3 fired 200, the humidity had dropped enough to avoid the problem.

This year we shot 2 days of individual with no team match.  Saturday saw Dan Marquart from Little Falls leading the pack with a 780X20.  Retired Delta pilot Mike Stickle returned to high power after a 3 year layoff and finished Saturday in 2nd place with a 768X11, followed by me with a 766X23.  Unfortunately, Mike had other commitments on Sunday and could not return.  Randy Blaha and Dave Holtegard also posted scores of 766 with a 765 from Craig Bennis and a 764 from Chuck Diehl.  These scores were going to make it a close race for the silver medal on Sunday.  Dave started off Sunday with a dandy 192 offhand and continued his strong shooting to finish the day at 786X33 for the win on day 2 and 2nd overall 1 point behind Dan.  This 1552 by Dave is exactly a 776 high master average but Dave says his last score was a 775 so he has missed HM by 1 pt.  Not to worry, if he shoots a 776 or above next time he will have it.  Meantime one numskull missed the start button on the stop watch for 300 RF and thus shot a late round on the first string for a really high miss as the target was going down.  So I was colored gone at that point for even the bronze medal.  The bronze medal goes to Craig Bennis with a 1536X39.

In the low master class we have grand senior Elliot Zunich from Duluth in taking 1st MASTER honors with a newly scoped match rifle.  Of special note is Elliot’s 200X14 at 300 yds on Sunday which looks to be a new National Record for grand seniors.  In the combined EX & SS class Randy Blaha takes the prize with a 1509X40 with SS Chuck Diehl close on his heels with a 1509X29.  With these scores the mailman will soon be arriving at these houses with a brand new MASTER card!



We had excellent help with member Erik Rhode at Central Command with wife Mia Rhode doing stats and member Chris Stoops scoring on the target with only 2 shooters both days.  The North Star camp ground was as full as I have ever seen it with 5 campers and 1 tent but there was still room for that many more!

On a final note, it was interesting to observe that fully 14 of the 20 shooters were shooting AR15 service rifles, most with CMP approved scopes including silver medalist Dave Holtegaard.  Perhaps they used this match as a warm up for the 2 day EIC at NSRC coming up on August 26th & 27th. 


Hope to see you all there!

Bob Peasley | North Star Rifle Club HP chairman


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