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April 29-30, 2017: Wind Clinic and Dan Whalen Memorial Tournament – Elk River Sportsman’s Club – Elk River, MN

Last updated on April 1st, 2018 at 05:54 am

Saturday was a fun day in the clubhouse for a session on wind and mirage reading. After a great lunch we headed out to the 600 yard line to shoot and test the information that was learned during the morning class. There were about 40 attendees for the Saturday sessions, with several new shooters that were there to find out what F-Class shooting is about for the first time.

Sunday had 24 shooters for the 1st Annual Dan Whalen Memorial Tournament. Participation numbers were less than past years due to the weather predictions. The early relays just had wind gusts to deal with, but the afternoon relays had an increase in wind and rain/sleet to add to the misery.

Chuck Laitinen won in FTR, with Greg Seifert finishing second and Scott Olsen, third. Pat Scully won in F-Open, with a three-way tie for the second that had to be decided by X-count and the Creedmore Rule. Mike Lehmeier was second and Adam Shidla was third. Garald Gillies placed fourth. 

The new traveling trophies were presented to the first winners by Dan Whalen's brother Tim, in a heart-felt awards ceremony at the clubhouse.



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