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April 28, 2018: 4×600 Mid Range Prone & F-Class Match – Eau Claire National Rifle Club – Eau Claire, WI.

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4x600 Mid Range Prone & F-Class Match - Eau Claire National Rifle Club, Eau Claire Wisconsin


Last Saturday, 9 F-Class shooters joined 26 competitors using slings for the first Mid Range Match of the year at ECNRC.  As always, James Melville and crew had the range in top shape and ready for whatever the day might bring.

Conditions were cool, and the wind was a little more finicky than usual for this venue.  At a club known for giving up high scores, on this day only one out of the 140 strings fired by 35 competitors resulted in a perfect 200.  That feat was accomplished by Minnesota’s own Phil “Klandyman” Klanderud, using his Nightforce ATACR scope to steer his 6mm Dasher to an excellent 11x clean in the day’s second match.  My own 199-13x was good enough to take the first.  On these 4x600 days, the first 2 20-shot matches are designated as “Any” sight matches for the sling shooters, meaning we can swap out our iron sights for a scope if we so choose.  The dark targets gave fits to those of us shooting irons, as we squinted in vain trying to make those gray blobs turn black.

The light got better for the remaining matches, and after a disappointing 195 in the second match; I was able to buckle down for 2 more 199’s to win the last 2.  That finish was enough to win the Saturday agg, with my 792-38x taking first over The Klandyman’s 790-32x.  See, Palma rifles, iron sights, and 155’s can still get it done!

Bryan Melville and Brady Westling went first and second in the Master Class shooting scores of 772-18x and 770-27x, respectively.  Aaron Cobasco’s 764-32x took the combines Expert/Marksman/Sharpshooter Class over Lovable Larry Weidell’s 750-19x.

It was a top-heavy group in F-Class, with 5 High Masters, 1 Master, and 2 Master Unclassified shooters in the mix.  As usual, Pat “Squarehead” Scully started off strong, posting 199’s in each of the first 2 matches.  Kent Weigel tied Pat’s 10 x’s in the second, and things were pretty tight between Pat, Kent, and Jeff Dick, with Scully holding onto a slim lead.  The winds picked up after lunch, and Jeff Dick took advantage of the situation to take a point back from Pat in the 3rd.  His 197-11x won that match over Scully’s 196-9x, putting him just a point and 5 x’s out of the lead going into the last match.  Jeff Dick and Kent Weigel traded blows over the last 20 shot string, with both finishing with solid 198’s; Jeff’s 11 x’s slipping past Kent’s 10.  Scully stumbled a bit losing 3 points and only putting up 7 xs, which led to a VERY close finish.  In the end, Pat won the daily agg by only a single X, 791-37x over Jeff’s 791-36x.  Whew, that was close!  Kent Weigel was a close 3rd at 788-32x.


Thanks to James and staff for another fine match.  If things work out as planned, I will be back again on September 1st to try again!

Erik Rhode



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