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April 13-14, 2019: Robert Sandager MN 300 Meter Prone & Lance Peters MN 300 Meter 3 Position State Championship – Minneapolis Rifle Club – St. Francis, MN.


Robert Sandager MN 300 Meter Prone & Lance Peters MN 300 Meter 3 Position MN State Championship

The 300m MN state Prone Championship Match at the Minneapolis Rifle Club on April 13th, was an epic battle of good and evil.  No that's not quite right.  Party Marty here, let me start again.  The match was a historic battle between those shooting a Palma rifle and the shooters who didn’t.  Ok, that's closer but not quite true either...  Hey, 8 shooters got together to shoot the Minnesota 300m Match.  Saturday 4-13-19 was the Robert Sandager Prone Championship, and Sunday 4-14-19 the Lance Peters 3-Position Championship.


The Saturday match had two parts.  60 shots in 60 minutes iron sights (these 60 shots decide the MN State Champion), then 60 shots in 60 minutes any sight.  This is typically a small match, but there is always some really good talent on hand.  Being a seasoned international 300m competitor, Brad Ylemini is the big stick at this match.  We may have just found Brad nickname.  They are given never chosen by the recipient.  His new nickname is "Big Stick”. (*See editor’s note below)  Brad was one of the US representatives in 300m 3 Position in Korea last year. 


If you haven't read any of my match reports you are going to need a cup of coffee.  This thing is going off in like six directions.  Oooh look, a squirrel! 


Others at the match included Matt "Ice Pumpkin" Griffin, Erik "Prince Taco" Rhode, and three more members from the US National Rifle Team; Steve Naumann, Philly Dawg Klanderud , and myself Party Marty (also known as 9pm Bedtime Marty).  The 300m range is equipped with a Megalink Electronic Target System, and is nestled in the woods near St. Francis, Minnesota.  It's a switchy, windy range with relatively long transitions.  The flags will show a condition and you need to wait another 15 to 20 seconds for the condition to fully develop.  I stayed within +/- a minute of wind all day.  That's 8 ring to 8 ring when you miss the switch ☹ or don't let it develop. <---- I hope my frowny face comes through. 


Big Stick* Brad shot a 590 in the first match for the state championship plague.  His wife doesn't know that he plans to hang it above the bed as a surprise.  Erik and I tied at 588, both shooting Palma rifles and 155’s. PD Klanderud drove his new 6 Creedmoor to 3rd place with his score of 584, and the Ice Pumpkin was next up at 580.  


The second match was truly epic.  Most of the shooters just shoot the first part. 60 shots in 60 minutes is generally enough shooting in one day, but four brave souls did it.  The second 60 is really a test of mental toughness, and my desire to fire form brass.  Party Marty for the win with a 587 and 1175 for the aggregate.  I thought my second score would be better.  My trigger pull was a lot cleaner and I was pounding the center, but I had a couple of wind 8s and a few wind 9s.  The sun was also a factor making it really bright with the snow.  I had the epiphany about letting the condition develop more during this string.


Sunday was the 3 Position Match.  Coffee drinking in the standing, sitting, and prone for me.  Brad the Big Stick* won with only a few brave souls competing.  Brad managed a 565 (kneeling 191, prone 198, standing 176).  A little rough in the standing for Brad.  After some of his past performances, we all expect greatness from him. 


For every English teacher and writing instructor who may be reading this; I am sorry.  And to my writing hero Glen Zediker; please don't read this.


"Party Marty" Gunderson

Palma Alliance Assistant Match Report Junior Intern

*Editors Note:  Brad Yliniemis nickname has always been, and will continue to be, Yipsy Doodle”.


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