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20TH YEAR – 2019 MIDWEST PALMA – Palma 4-Man Team Match – Winnequah Gun Club – Lodi, WI.


2019 MIDWEST PALMA - Palma 4-Man Team Match - Winnequah Gun Club

Midwest Palma is one of those matches that everyone should experience.  It is well run by the Liebetrau family and a dedicated group of volunteers.  My first ever long range experience was a team match at Winnequah Gun Club located in Lodi, WI.  I can still remember that first shot at 800 yards.  My coach and friend David asked me for my call on that shot.  I smiled from ear to ear and said; "no clue".  The smile said it all; I was hooked and he knew it. This is the kind of match to catch up with old friends and shoot with top notch talent.


Winnequah is not a wide open range, but Earl Liebetrau and crew have cut enough trees to make this a challenging range, and the range is known to provide some interesting vertical spreads.  My opinion is that the mirage at Lodi is more intense than most people recognize, due to a combination of the sand on the range and the normally humid air.  Sling shooters can expect to shoot plenty of mid-ring 9's in a good boil.


The team match is generally dominated by a couple of US National Rifle Team groups with dedicated coaches. This year the team match had a different feel.  Newly appointed USNRT Coach Robert Mead is generating some buzz.  I feel a shift in the team dynamic shooting here in the Midwest!  This year, there were 7 USNRT teams shooting with dedicated coaches.


This is definitely a Party Marty Junior Report Writing Assistant Intern approved Match!  Palma Alliance interns still don't have much say....  So, it really doesn't mean much.  I would like to thank those trying to start the Party Marty fan club. (Editor’s note: no one is doing that)  We need more than three people to make this go global and please quit sending Erik hate mail.  He adds the editor notes to be helpful.  (Editor’s note; mainly just to try to make some kind of sense of this mess…)


The cannon was fired and the National Anthem played.  Everyone knows that the wind doesn't blow at Winnequah until the cannon is fired!


The 800 yard Match had USNRT Friguglietti and USNRT Rowe both shooting clean through all 4 of their shooters.  The rest of us all seemed to drop one or more.


The 900 yard match was a little rough on everyone.  USNRT Friguglietti and USNRT McGee managed to drop a few less than the rest of us.  A certain shooter managed to have elevation issues, but it is impolite to rip on yourself in a match report.  Even interns know to not do that.  Shame Party Marty.  (Editor’s note: team matches have team scores, the individual scores don’t matter.  Even Junior assistant interns should know that…)


The 1000 yard line separated the teams out.  The first relay had some interesting changes.  USNRT Mrnak (team short pants) fared better than the rest, and managed to end up on top of the leader board.  Firing members of the Mighty Team Short Pants were:


Oliver Milanovic

Erik Rhode

Matthew Griffin


Party Marty Gunderson


Please look for Party Marty - Junior Report Writing Assistant Intern approved Matches near you.



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