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20TH YEAR – 2019 MIDWEST PALMA – Winnequah Gun Club – Lodi, WI.


20TH Year - 2019 Midwest Palma - Winnequah Gun Club

The Midwest Palma is a match of two aggregates.  The Palma aggregate covers the three Palma matches on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.  Then we add in the the three 1000 yard matches on Friday for the Grand Aggregate.  These matches will always have a high level of Palma and long range talent.


Want to know how you stack up against top talent?  Shooting the Midwest Palma Championship will let you know exactly where you stand.

On the other side, I would like to clear up some internet rumors.  The Elmo Chair was not the chair of shame as some have suggested.  It is really a support chair for my friend Robert Churchill.  Robert has several emotional issues from his employment in the late 60s.  Some people have support animals, Bob has a support Elmo Chair.  The story is his to tell...

Tuesday's Palma was a "Gabe Stauffer Day" with 450-24X and a "Richard Forde Day" with 450-22X.  They both shot their first perfect Palma score!  Great place to shoot that gentlemen.  They were out shot by Robert Churchill with his 457 (only possible for Mr Churchill the rest of us are limited to 450).  Robert has been a solid performer over the last few years and really developed his shooting skills.  This 457 is no exception (hint - we added his sighters to make him feel better.  Don't tell him.... he still thinks he broke the range record).


Wednesday's Palma scores are highlighted by Oliver Milanovic's 448-33X, Jerry Iliff's 448-27X, and Robert Churchill's 447 (not really, but Robert needed an emotional boost so I added a few points to his score).  He had the nerve to yell at me for never mentioning him in a match report. Guess what Bob, you've been mentioned!


Thursday's Palma scores had Chuck Rowe on top with a fine 448-24X, Oliver Milanovic 2nd with 447-33X, Kent Reeve 447-23X, and Keith Hoverstad 447-20X.  The 3-day Palma aggregate went to Oliver Milanovic with a score of 1344-98X, Kent Reeve was next with 1343-73X, and Robert Steketee in 3rd at 1343-63X.


Friday is spent on the 1000-yard line.  We all shoot three 20 shot strings and the Lodi Range range throws random wind changes for us to guess at.  Bill Meade topped the leader board with a 592, Kent Reeve at 591, then Norm Crawford, Erik Rhode, Stef Bunde, and Charles Rowe all with 589's.


The Grand Aggregate had  Kent Reeve 1934-97X, Oliver Milanovic 1931-127X, and Bill Meade 1930-96X.  A strong finish in some challenging wind conditions this week!


Please look for Party Marty - Junior Report Writing Assistant Intern approved Matches near you.



In case you missed it: 


SCORE can be found HERE.


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