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2019 Iowa Smallbore Conventional Prone Championship – Franklin County Rifle & Pistol Club – Hansell, IA.

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2019 Iowa Smallbore Conventional Prone Championship - Franklin County Rifle & Pistol Club

Iowa’s Smallbore Conventional Prone championship was held at the Franklin County Rifle and Pistol Club near Hansell, IA.  This was the club’s first time hosting the prone championship on their 100-yard range that has ten concrete firing points that are covered.


Seven competitors came to try to put their name on the trophy (metaphorically speaking... there was no trophy).  The aggregate consisted of 120 rounds: 40 rounds @ 50 yards, 40 rounds @ 50 meters reduced to 50 yards, and 40 rounds @ 100 yards.  This was an ANY SIGHT match, but the juniors and I shot with irons while the rest of the competitors put their scopes on.


With sunny conditions and a light breeze, Roger Howland showed up ready to shoot; bringing home the only clean at 50 yards with a 400-25x.  I was the next highest with a 399-29x.  The 50 meter reduced target had similar conditions as the previous match, but no one stayed perfect.  I came in with a 399-29x and first-time competitor Cory Rutherford came next with a 388-13x.  For the last match the breeze picked up a bit more, but if you were careful one could stay with it.  I wasn’t careful enough and dropped 2 points, but it was still good enough to take the 100-yard match with a 398-28x.  Roger Howland was close behind with a 396-17x.


After the scorekeeper added up the day’s totals, I came out on top with 1196-86x, and Roger Howland came in second with a 1182-54x.  It was a fun day going to a new range, meeting new people, and getting in a bunch of trigger time.


Being a Mid/Long Range shooter, I could get used to no reloading, shooting under cover, and being done by noon!


Gabe Stauffer

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