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2018 F-Class America Match • Connaught Rifle Range • Ottawa, Canada

Team Picture Courtesy of Pat Scully.



2018 F-Class America Match - Connaught Rifle Range

The America Match is fired every two years at the Connaught Rifle Range in Ottawa, Canada.  The teams consist of 4 F-TR shooters and 4 F-Open shooters.  Two wind coaches on each team will each run a shooter at the same time.  The wind coaches are wired to each other and a back coach, so there is a lot of talking going on.  As a shooter, your job is to hold good vertical and communicate with your coach.  He then relays info to the other coaches and together they discuss the shot and the next call.

This years match was fired from 500m, 600m and twice from 900m.  2 convertible sighters and 15 shots for record from each distance.

We got started at 500m in a light rain.  The wet heavy Bisley style flags didn’t move much of the poles, so the coaches ran their calls from the angle of the rain drops.  Our F-TR shooters shot first with Sebold, Krofts and our back coach [Mark Walker] keeping in the middle piling up the v count.  Our 4 Open shooters followed with the same result.

Back to 600m and the F-TR guys did it again there.  Our F-TR shooters kept it going with some amazing shooting and high v count.  Then it was our Open shooters just trying to follow with high v count of our own.  And we did.  Again, the coaches running their calls off the angle of the rain drops.  We got off the 600m line with a nine-point lead over the Canadians.

Back at the 900m line the Canadians, coached by a living legend [Gord Ogg], really put it to us on the first string.  The rain and wind picked up and Gord coached his guys to a ten point lead going into the last string.  That was a serious butt kicking.

We knew we had a tough task to try to get back into this match going into the last string.  The rain picked up and the wind kept blowing.  Our guys had some issues with water in the barrel causing some sighters we had to disregard.  But, once again our F-TR shooters did a great job and set the table for us Open guys to have a shot at closing the point gap.

In the end we all shot well and knew we were close.  On to the awards.  As it turned out we did close the gap with the Canadians at 900m.  We were tied!  The tie breaker was all those v bulls we piled up at 500m and 600m.  Canada had 173 v’s and the USA ended up winning with 200 v’s.



Official scores can be found HERE.

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