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2017 Wisconsin Games – Eau Claire National Rifle Club

Last updated on April 17th, 2020 at 08:45 am

Photo courtesy of Eau Claire National Rifle Club


Monday July 3rd, Eau Claire National Rifle Club hosted a Vintage Military Rifle Match as part of a larger weekend of high power events.  The event was a club match and not CMP sanctioned, no pins were issued.  If participation remains adequate the event will be sanctioned in the future.  The weather was great with a high of 80 during the match and no wind!

It was great to see the many rifle makes in use that day.  Among the 1903’s and M1’s one shooter from Milwaukee operated a Krag, further down the line a Vz.24 and Swedish Mauser were grinding pepper.  First place in the Spring Field category was Larry Weidell with 277-1x.  Second place in the Spring Field was won by Rich Boyarski 271-1x.  I was in third with a 263-2x, the minimum cut off for a pin.  First place in Vintage Rifle was won by Dave Becker shooting an M1, 270-4x.  Ryan Johnson followed in second place with 266-4x.


To read more about this match, visit Eau Claire National Rifle Club's Facebook Page HERE.

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