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2017 CMP Trophy Matches – Service Rifle » Camp Perry, Ohio.

Last updated on December 6th, 2017 at 06:21 am


2017 CMP Trophy Matches - Service Rifle » Camp Perry Ohio


This year at the 2017 CMP Trophy Matches - Service Rifle at Camp Perry, Ohio, the week started with CMP’s new “Oliver Hazard Perry” Match.  The OHP replaced squadded practice and I think it was just CMP’s way to squeeze more money out of the competitors.  The match consists of a 10 shot string of RF Sitting at 200 yards, a 10 shot string of RF Prone at 300 yards and 10 shots Slow Fire at 600 yards.

My zero’s are always off at Perry, so I made it a point to shoot the OHP match.  Sure enough, my 200 Sitting zero was 2 minutes low and my Prone Rapid was an honest 1 minute low giving me a miserable final score of 272-4x.

Ever since adopting optics my standing scores, which have never been stellar, have suffered.  Monday’s President’s Match was no exception when I posted an embarrassing 84-1.  The tone for the day was set when it took over 3 minutes, despite repeated calls for a mark, for the pits to pull my first shot (a 9).  Things began to look brighter at 300 with my first ever clean at Perry, a 100-3x.  Moving back to 600 and already out of the running after my awful standing performance, I overestimated the wind, pooching a 7 out the left side.  Final result 93-2x. While none of our delegation made the cut for the P100, the highlight of the day was Chuck Diehl coming in 9th in the Senior Division with a 284-3x.

My Offhand woes continued for Tuesday’s NTI. An 85-1 isn’t a score someone wanting to make the cut feels good about.  My spirits, and hope, picked up after shooting a 98-4x in sitting.  All hopes of making the cut were dashed however, when the Lake Erie winds gusted hard left when the targets came up for 300 Rapid Fire.  My 10 ring sized group split the 8 and 9 ring out the left side of the target, giving me an embarrassing 88-0.

Before the match started I figured I would need to post ~475 to guarantee making the cut.  Already down 29 points I wasn’t too disappointed in my 600 yard performance of 187-5.  I ended up with a 458-10, a long way from the cut of 474-11.

The Hearst Doubles on Wednesday has always been on of my favorite matches at Perry.  The pressure to perform from the P100 and NTI is over, and you get to relax and have some fun.  Jay Salinas and I teamed up again this year, and as fate would have it, we were squadded with the Puerto Rican Rifle team.  The match was fairly uneventful, with plenty of bantering back and forth.  The highlight of the match being Jay catching a hot piece of brass (not mine) down the back of his coat and doing the happy dance for the viewing pleasure of all around.  Our score of 562-13x was nothing to brag about and we ended up losing to teammates Mark Schoess and his doubles partner Jen Creasy via a tiebreaker.

Thursday brought the National Trophy Team match or NTT.  Larry Weidell took the reigns as team captain this year as perennial team Captain Kurt Borlaug had to cancel his Perry trip this year due to a family emergency.  Due to Kurt’s absence, the team was shorthanded. I was drafted as the #1 shooter, Jay #2, Ross Opsahl #3, Mike Zollner #4, Jen Creasy from Alabama was #5 and Mark Schoess was #6. Junior shooters Shawn and Jared Zollner took the team’s positions in the pits and the rest of us took turns keeping score for the NJ Junior Team to our left.

I shot my best standing score of the week, 92-1, followed by my worst Sitting ,92-1.  Rapid Prone went better, 98-1 and my 600 yard score (180-7) would have been better, if not for the blown wind call by Capt. Larry on my first shot, a miss just outside the scoring ring at 3 O’Clock.  Mechanical problems also plagued us during the match with Mike Zollner needing to swap out his upper receiver due to a stuck case that the Marine Armorer couldn’t budge.  The Armorer ended up having to take the disabled upper back to the van after he bent his cleaning rod trying to get the stuck case out.  Things didn’t go any better for Jay Salinas.  He had a jam caused by a case separation during 300 Rapid Fire and saved a round.  Even with the troubles, the team had it’s highest score to date, 2754-44x.

Friday’s Infantry Trophy Team Match, or Rattle Battle ended the week\'s events. We had a bit of a scramble before our squadded time to start the match. Junior shooter Shawn Zollner was invited to shoot with the Wisconsin Juniors so we drafted coach Mark Schoess to take his place. Shooters were myself shooting the left swing targets, Ross Opsahl, Mark Schoess, Jared Zollner, Mike Zollner in the center, and Jay Salinas shooting the right side swing targets.

Captn’ Larry redeemed himself from the day before, making good wind calls all the way up the range.  I managed to get 24 shots off at 600 with 23 hits between my 2 targets.  Kind of a disappointing performance after watching the AMU’s Brandon Green dump 40 shots between his targets and getting 40 hits!

I got another 24 shots off at 500, but I’m not sure what my hit count was.  With only 16 rounds left for 300, I thought I could take my time on my targets and rack up all hits.  That’s when Capn’ Larry came over to load me up heavy.  With the temperature starting to take it’s toll on me and trying to hurry, my performance suffered.  My 21st shot is also when the hammer on my rifle decided to break.  With my rifle down Larry gave my 4 saved rounds to Jared to shoot standing at 200 yards.

The result was a disappointing 823, which put us in 15th place out of 36 teams in the out of competition category.

Despite my poor performance, Camp Perry was fun this year.  The weather was nice for the most part, being just a bit on the hot and humid side. with the rain and storms holding off until our trip home Saturday morning.

The only dark cloud over the week being my rifle breaking and spending way too much money on commercial row.  I did get to help Jay spend a bunch of money, which took the sting out of my spending.

Overall the CMP did a good job running things in the absence of the NRA.  There were some blown commands, especially in the pits, but I’ll chalk that up to growing pains.  The Range was in good shape, except the firing points on the Rodriguez range being too short, and the lack of grass in several places. 


See you at the Nationals next year!

Mark Havlik


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