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2017 Berger Southwest Nationals | F-Class

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The 2017 Berger Southwest Nationals is in the books and as always was a nice break from winter and a chance to test your skills against some of the best shooters in the country.


Day 1 was 60 shots from the 600 yard line.  The wind was light and a little switchy.  Most guys use the 600 yard day to make sure their rifles are gtg for the next days team match and the rest of the weeks long-range match.  Dwayne Draggoo won the day in f-open shooting clean with 44 x’s.

Day 2 the first day of the team match was shot from the 800, 900, and 1000 yard lines.  Being a shooter I didn’t pay much attention to the conditions but it was a little trickier than the previous day. At the end of the day coach Keith Glasscock and the Cluster Ducks set a new match record score and took the day.

Day 3 was the first of the 3 day individual match.  It was shot from the 800, 900, and 1000 yard lines.  Not your normal day at Ben Avery.  Chase the spotter was the only way to go.  I dropped two points on the day. Both lost points came from holding for a switch that really wasn’t there.  The ninja David Gosnell beat his own national record for the Palma course with an amazing 450-38x.

Day 4 was both an individual day [40 shots] and the team final day [20 shots for each team shooter].  All shot from the 1000 yard line.  The individual match was shot first. Conditions were much like the day before.  It was again chase the spotter for a good score.  It just seemed weird to me chasing the spotter in a long-range match, but it worked.  Dan Bramley’s 200-16x in the first string carried him on to the days win.

The team match jumbled up the leader board a bit.  Day 1’s leader the Cluster Ducks dropped down to 4th place.  Team Brux/Lapua moved up to second place by beating their own match record at 1000 for the third year in a row.  Ask Bob Sebold about it he will give you all the details.  In the end no one could catch the Longshots for the win.

The final day of the individual was 40 shots from the 1000 yard line.  Finally some wind showed up.  The only problem was once you dialed 3 ½ to 4 minutes of left on the scope it stayed constant.  Even though it blew about 15 mph it was chase the spotter all day.  I held from center x to 1 ½ left all day.  I didn’t get the scores for this day but the final individual winners were David Gosnell for the win, Jay Christopherson second, and Keith Glasscock third.


As always the BSWN is the match to go to.  It's a well-run, tough competition with lots of great people.

Pat Scully



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